When you register for Convention, you will have to choose among these pricing options. Most attendees choose to attend classes to get the full experience. For more information about classes, see Taking Classes.

Non-folding guardians or aides (one per folding attendee), may register with their attendee at no cost, but may not enter any classrooms. For a full explanation, see Registration.

Convention Attendance Registration Prices

Convention Registration Options Price
Three days with classes $220
Two days with classes $160
One day with classes $100
Three days without classes $130
Two days without classes $100
One day without classes $70
Two days with classes and one day without classes $190
One day with classes and two days without classes $160
One day with classes and one day without classes $130

When you fill out your registration form, you will also have the opportunity to buy Monday night dinner, T-shirt and The Origami Collection (book of diagrams).

Monday Night Dinner

  • $58

T-shirt Prices

  • Youth and Unisex sizes: $19
  • Women’s fit sizes: $21

Origami Collection

The 2015 Origami Collection is $17 if you order it with your convention registration, but $21, if you order it online from The Source afterwards. Take advantage of the discount!

Housing Prices

Accommodations are available at Horan Hall at Manhattan College, beginning the night of Wednesday, June 17th through the night of Tuesday, June 23rd.

Prices include linens and 3 meals: dinner on each night of your stay and breakfast and lunch for the next day.

Prices are:

  • $98 per night if sharing.
  • $163 per night if you want one half of the suite to yourself.
  • $293 per night if you want the entire suite to yourself

Note that the price differentials ensure that each person is paying only once for meals.

More details on the Accommodations page.

Meal Prices

If you are not staying in housing at Manhattan College, you can purchase meals on the registration form.

  • Breakfast: $8
  • Lunch: $12
  • Dinner: $16

Remote Classes

OrigamiUSA members have the opportunity to participate in Convention 2015, even if they can't attend. Remote Classes are $5 each.


Vendor tables are available at $40 per six-foot table. For more information, see Vendors.