How much is an Annual OrigamiUSA Membership?

OrigamiUSA memberships begin at $25 for Junior memberships, $30 for Online memberships, $40 for Individual memberships, and go up from there. The full range of membership details and benefits is here.

What are the benefits of OrigamiUSA Membership?

Basic membership benefits include our magazine, The Paper, our online magazine The Fold, a 10% or larger discount at our store, The Origami Source, and many other benefits. A full listing of benefits is here.

Is membership open to all levels of folders?

Yes. Our membership covers a full range of folding ability from beginners to complex master folders. We truly have something for every level of folder.

How many people are in a family membership?

A Family Membership is a group of 2 adults and up to 4 children 18 years of age or younger who occupy the same residence.

What is an Online membership?

An Online Membership is one that receives all mailings and information electronically, via email and the internet. You will receive a PDF copy of our print magazine, The Paper as well as online access to The Fold and all other membership benefits, e.g., discounts at The Origami Source.

What is the additional option/cost for first class postage?

To keep costs down we send our print magazine The Paper by bulk mail. While bulk mail is economical, it is a slow trip to your mailbox. So for those that can't wait to read the latest origami news you may want to include the additional cost for first class postage. (All members also receive a PDF copy of The Paper as soon as it is published with notification via email.) First class postage is automatically included in the higher membership levels.

What is the additional cost for international postage?

There is no bulk mailing rate for international mail, so the cost for mailing The Paper is higher for non-US addresses. International members may choose to become Online Members instead and receive all materials electronically.

How long does it take to process membership?

If you send your form in by post, it takes our home office about two weeks to process and ship your membership welcome package to you. If you join online, you can start enjoying members-only online content immediately and your discount at the Source is immediately effective, but it will still take several days to send out the welcome package.

What is included in the membership welcome packet?

Inside the packet you will find a membership card, the latest issue of The Paper, and a letter from the membership chairman, welcoming you to our organization. Online memberships are not sent a postal mailing, but can print their membership card from the website, receive a PDF copy of The Paper, and may browse and purchase from The Origami Source online.

Can brand new members get a discount at The Source?

Yes. If you send in a paper form, in the comment field on your order form, enter "new member verify with home office" and we'll be sure that your discount is applied to your order. If you joined online, then your discount on purchases made online is effective immediately after you join.

When I’m in New York City may I visit OrigamiUSA?

While we enjoy our membership friends and welcome them to attend our various events, the home office is a small volunteer back office. This makes pop-in visits difficult, so we kindly request visitors to call and make an appointment. Please remember that the Home Office does not carry any origami supplies for sale nor origami books to lend. You will need to contact The Source directly to make any purchases or our Lending Library to borrow a book. The Reference Library is housed at our Home Office; please fill out the online form to request an appointment.

If you would like to join any of our volunteer committees check out the list of all committees and contact the committee chair or home office if you are interested in joining.

Where can I get origami supplies?

We have our own store that operates by mail order and online orders, called The Origami Source. It is an excellent source for origami books and supplies recommended by our members. If you would like a free printed copy of the supplies list please send a self-addressed business envelope with two first class stamps to our address or call or e-mail us. The latest offerings and specials are always available on our website.