What is World Origami Days (WOD)?
World Origami Days is an annual worldwide celebration of origami that runs from October 24 to November 11. Further details are here. See also some history of how it came about.
I cannot attend this event. Will I be able to get a recording?
Yes, everyone who registers will have access to all the recordings after the event. Before the event, register here to get the recordings. After the event, register here. Recordings will be released for each class within 24 hours after it finishes. Further details are here.
I will miss seeing my Convention friends this year and folding with them. Any suggestions?

Consider visiting with your friends in Gather.town, a virtual hangout space, which will be open during all of WOD for 2 hours before and after each class (open only to WOD registrants). Read our Gather page for more details. After WOD, stay tuned for more Gather.town events.

We also suggest getting together with your local Community Origami Group or your Convention friends virtually. There are many ways to connect. Visit our Calendar of Events to see current online gatherings or to schedule your own. During WOD, we've also organized activities for social media where you'll be able to interact with others in the community. Visit the WOD social media page for details.

Are there going to be more online events?
As long as COVID-19 makes in-person meetings problematic, we'll keep having online events. (But we'll continue with online events even when in-person events become practical again!) We will be having more Origami Connect events; see here for upcoming events and registration information. There are also many online events organized by folders around the world listed on our calendar of events.