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Tightly "woven" bars in red satin

Closed Back Square Weave smocking pattern [pdf]

Price: $10.00
Herringbone weave in red satin. Bars meet perpendicularly, offset from the centers, and form a herringbone pattern.

Herringbone weave smocking pattern [pdf]

Price: $10.00
Dense arrow rings smocked in royal blue satin

Dense Arrow Rings smocking pattern [pdf]

Price: $10.00
Square twists and bars smocked on gray satin. This pattern forms a lattice of squares at nodes, connected with diagonal bars around square wells.

Square Twists and Bars smocking pattern [pdf]

Price: $10.00
Clover Twists smocked in red satin. The pattern has clusters of four twists separated by bars from the next cluster over in a square grid layout of clusters.

Clover Twists smocking pattern [pdf]

Price: $10.00
Tiled closed back square twists in orange satin, with corners at the back of identical square twists on the other side

Pebble Twists smocking pattern [pdf]

Price: $10.00
Chainlink pattern on white satin. Groups of four outward-pointing arrows interlock with adjacent groups.

Chainlink smocking pattern [pdf]

Price: $10.00

Whirlpools Tessellation [pdf]

Price: $7.50
Escher Wheel Tessellation on off-white paper from the front, backlit

Escher Wheel Tessellation [pdf]

Price: $7.50
Half-adjacent hexagons in red on a white background, viewed from the front. Imagine a honeycomb, but with the tiles rotated so that instead of three corners meeting at a point, they surround a triangle hole with edges half the length of the hexagon edges.

Half-adjacent Hexagons [pdf]

Price: $7.50
Half-adjacent rhombi in red on a white background, viewed from the front. Imagine a rhombic tiling of the plane with 6-fold rotational symmetry. Then slide the tiles past each other until a hexagon hole opens at the center of 6-fold symmetry and triangular holes open at the 3-fold symmetric points. Keep sliding the tiles until each edge is only touching half of the edge of the next tile over.

Half-adjacent Rhombi [pdf]

Price: $7.50
Half-adjacent triangles in red on a white background, viewed from the front

Half-adjacent Triangles [pdf]

Price: $7.50
Compound Hexagons with Y joins in blue. Central motif surrounded by a ring of six repeats, seen from the front, backlit

Compound Hexagons with Y joins [pdf]

Price: $7.50
Compound Hexagons, dense tiling in orange. Viewed from the front on a white background and backlit

Compound Hexagons, dense tiling [pdf]

Price: $7.50
Herringbone weave in yellow, with the tessellation covering most of the paper. Viewed from the front, backlit

Herringbone Weave [pdf]

Price: $7.50
Half-adjacent squares with spaces in red on a white background

Half-adjacent Squares with spaces, isoarea [pdf]

Price: $7.50
Half-adjacent squares with Xs in red, centered on an X and filling the field of view

Half-adjacent Squares with Xs, Isoarea [pdf]

Price: $7.50
Compound Squares, Rotational with 7 repetitions in orange, viewed from the front and backlit

Compound Squares, Rotational tiling [pdf]

Price: $7.50
Compound Squares, Mirrored with 4x4 repetitions in yellow on a white background, viewed from the front and backlit

Compound Squares, Mirrored tiling [pdf]

Price: $7.50
Quentin Trollip - Origami Sequence Cover

Origami Sequence - Quentin TROLLIP [pdf]

Price: $19.99

Kryptic Kusudama [pdf]

Price: $5.50

Amethyst Kusudama [pdf]

Price: $6.00

Pentagram Kusudama [pdf]

Price: $5.50
Donating Origami to Hospitals: A Charming Gift

Donating Origami to Hospitals: A Charming Gift [pdf]

Price: $5.00