Diagrams for Sale

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Four Assorted Tessellations on triangle grid [pdf]

Price: $21.00
Four backlit tessellations featuring an elongated rhombus motif.

Double Rhombus Tessellation 4-pack [pdf]

Price: $21.00
Four tessellations that resemble parquet floor tilings

Parquet Tessellation Family 4-pack [pdf]

Price: $21.00
Herringbone, Fence, and Square Knots weave tessellations, with a tutorial on how to create your own variations.

3 Square Weaves and customization tutorial [pdf]

Price: $21.00
Two tessellations with rectangle motifs, one with squares, and one with right triangles and rectangles.

Semi-adjacent Tilings Tessellation 4-pack [pdf]

Price: $21.00
Tessellations with Hexagons, Squares, Triangles, and Rhombi, offset so that each edge touches half the edge of the next shape.

Half-adjacent Tilings Tessellation 4-pack [pdf]

Price: $21.00
Four compound twist tessellations, two with squares and two with hexagons.

Compound Twists 1 Tessellation 4-pack [pdf]

Price: $21.00
Origami Kusudama

Aimi Kusudama [pdf]

Price: $3.00
Evie (Origami Dog)

Diagrams: Evie (Dog) [pdf] [pdf]

Price: $3.00
Ayo Melipat ( Let's Fold )

Ayo Melipat ( Let's Fold ) Origami Star and Kusudama [pdf]

Price: $18.00
Origami Hearts

Origami Hearts: I❤U/LOVE [pdf]

Price: $8.00

The Bases of Folding [pdf]

Price: $0.00
Origami Tanks

7 Origami Tanks [pdf]

Price: $7.25
Chartam kusudama

Chartam kusudama [pdf]

Price: $6.50
Extended rhombi touching their points to other rhombi's middles. Backlit.

Double Rhombus Trellis Tessellation [pdf]

Price: $7.50
Yellow tessellation with six hexagons surrounding a central hexagon and the walls of the hexagons connected by rhombi

Rhombus Trellis Tessellation [pdf]

Price: $7.50
Large hexagon wells with their corners connected by triangles and sides connected by rhombi, folded on white tant and backlit

Wrapped Rhombi Tessellation [pdf]

Price: $7.50
Yellow corrugation with hexagonal symmetry and raised triangles

Sunken Stars Tessellation [pdf]

Price: $7.50
A hive-like arrangement of hexagons with the walls of the hive formed by adjacent triangles and rhombi, backlit and folded on a map

Lens Stars Tessellation [pdf]

Price: $7.50
Six hexagon wells surrounding a central well, with triangles and rhombi in between in light blue satin fabric

Lens Stars Tessellation Smocking Pattern [pdf]

Price: $10.00

Lollipop 3.0 [pdf]

Price: $4.49
3x2 rectangles in rotational symmetry in groups of four, with groups mirrored, backlit

Semi-adjacent Parquet Tessellation [pdf]

Price: $7.50
Square tiles with two bars bounding a gap in a checkerboard pattern with vertical or horizontal alignments in golden brown, backlit

6x6 Parquet Tessellation [pdf]

Price: $7.50
Pairs of 6x2 rectangles in a checkerboard pattern

Open Parquet Tessellation [pdf]

Price: $7.50