So you've decided to come to COcon. Wonderful, you'll have a great time! Early registration is essential for our planning purposes. Our pricing schedule therefore encourages early sign-up. Registration is limited to 150 people; registration will be closed when we reach this limit. We will open a waitlist (see link below) when we reach 150 attendees.

Registration Options

COcon Value Deal or a la carte? The COcon Value Deal ($160) is a specially-priced combination that includes:

  • Saturday and Sunday classes
  • Saturday buffet dinner
  • Welcome Kit (kami to fold and a special gift).

The a la carte selections allow you to pick and choose which days you want to attend, whether you want to take classes or not, what meals you want to include, etc.

The COcon Value Deal is your best value, because it represents a savings of up to $140 compared to a la carte pricing.

  1. If you've decided to go with the COcon Value Deal, select the COcon Value Deal checkbox.
  2. If you'd prefer to use the a la carte options, don't check the COcon Value Deal checkbox and instead select your items from the a la carte section. The a la carte class attendance options of with or without classes include the Welcome Kit.
  3. Do you have a non-folding companion with you? If the person with you is a guardian for an under-age child, or an aide for someone with special needs, there is no charge. We will provide a single name tag for the weekend that can be used by multiple people at different times. Just put the name(s) of your guardian/aide on your registration form. If the non-folder wishes to order the buffet dinner, you can fill out a separate registration form for them. Guardians are not permitted in the classrooms unless they are allowed by the teacher, but may sit in the Community Folding Area or outside the classrooms.
  4. The local Chicago folders will be doing much of the volunteering. If you are willing to help out, please make a note in the comments section of the registration form.


Pricing is simple:

  • Saturday-only classes: $100
  • Sunday-only classes: $100
  • Saturday buffet dinner: $70


  • The COcon Value Deal: all three (Saturday and Sunday classes and dinner): $160

Please note, though:

  • After April 1 the CVD price rises to $170.
  • After August 1 the CVD price rises to $180.
  • The COcon Value Deal and buffet dinner will not be available after October 26, 2020.


  • If you can’t attend you need to let us know as soon as possible or not later than October 1, 2020 so we can fill your spot with a person from the waitlist. You will receive a full refund.
  • Cancel after October 1, 2020: No monetary refund.

To cancel, send an email to cocon-registration [at] and include a copy of your registration receipt email.

Registration Forms

Everyone must register using this form, even if they are only volunteering or teaching.

You have registered the following people for COcon:

  • Registration for COcon will open on March 15, 2020.

Waiting List

After registration closes, we will maintain a waiting list in case additional space becomes available. To get on the waiting list, fill out the form below.

You have registered the following people for the waitlist for COcon:

  • Registration for COcon Waitlist is not yet open.