PCOC 2009 Registration

Registration is now CLOSED for PCOC. See you there! If you have an urgent registration issue, please contact us at the email address below.

Registration Forms

PCOC 2009 Registration will go up toward the end of August, 2009 so check back then! (It will be on this page, so you can bookmark this page, if you like.) Emails will be sent to the OrigamiUSA members list and origami-L when registration is available. Online registration is strongly encouraged! In a change from previous notices, paper forms will be available for download but will not be sent out unless requested from the OrigamiUSA Home Office.

You can register online using our secure server or by downloading and filling out and mailing paper forms via post. We strongly encourage online registration.

  • Online Registration is now closed.

Registration Information

Early registration is essential, because we make early financial commitments, and because of the extra strain on our volunteer staff to process late registrations. Our pricing schedule therefore encourages early sign-up; prices rise on October 3, 15, and again for on-site registration (see the downloadable form for the full price schedule).

Early registration will make it more likely that you'll get your first choice classes. In order to attend classes, you must obtain tickets during the morning ticketing period. Those register early will get to select their classes first during this time. This sequence will be based on postmark date or date of on-line entry, not date of receipt, and by lottery within those postmarked the same date.

For fairness to people across geographic areas who might be using the mail-in forms, however, the first week of registrations received will be lotteried together. There are separate lotteries for each convention day (Saturday, Sunday). Faxed or Internet forms will be accepted only if you are using a credit card. For faxed or Internet forms, or forms dropped off in the Home-Office, the date received will be considered the postmark date. FedEx, Priority Mail or other special handling is not necessary, and will provide no priority advantage.

People who work (teach and/or volunteer) at least one class period per day attending will have ticketing priority. However, only a limited number of tickets for each class will be available, and teachers/volunteers requesting this priority will also have their forms filled in order based on the ticketing sequence number they received when they mailed in their registration form. In addition, teachers must register by September 30th and turn in their model menu models on time to receive ticketing priority.

You can come to the convention and just hang out in Hospitality if you'd like, and participate in informal teaching. Or, for an additional fee, you can attend classes. You can even come one day and attend classes, and come another without attending classes.

The Early Bird Package is your best bargain. It includes Friday reception; Saturday and Sunday classes; Saturday and Sunday box lunches; Saturday banquet and entertainment; late-night folding; PCOC San Francisco T-shirt; and Welcome kit (canvas bag with paper and goodies). It costs $195 if purchased by September 30th, or $250 if purchased between October 1st and 13th. After that date, all purchases must be via the a la carte menu.

Payment for attendance without classes includes access to all convention areas except classes, plus survival kit. You can add classes at the last minute, on-site, but you will have to pay the difference between the classes and no-classes prices, plus a $10 per day premium. And remember that your priority number is assigned when you purchase the classes, so if you wait until you arrive at convention, your priority number will be very high.

Non-folding guardians of under-age children may register without charge, as may non-folders who are accompanying a person with special needs. They must complete registration forms, and check the Guardian box. Non-folders who would like to volunteer may register as Staff. They will be able to join us in all areas except classrooms.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancel on or before October 13th: full refund
  • Cancel after October 13th: Sorry Kit only

Folders vs. Non-Folders

Should you register as a Folder or Non-folder?

There are three categories of Non-Folders. The most common is a parent or guardian who wishes to supervise a minor child. There is no charge for them to attend, but they cannot join their children in the classrooms. If a child cannot be left without supervision in the classroom, then perhaps they are too young to attend convention. Another category is an aide who accompanies a person with special needs. Again there is no charge for them to attend, and they may, with permission from the teacher, go into the classroom with the folder. The last category is staff, a non-folding person who wishes to volunteer during the weekend.

All these categories of Non-Folders must register for the convention. No one is allowed in the Hospitality Area without a name tag! Guardians or Aides may register via a box on the Folder's Registration Form, and they can then complete a Volunteering Form to let our Volunteer Coordinator know that they are available to help. Staff, or Guardians and Aides who did not register as part of their Folder's Registration Form, can register via an independent Non-Folder Registration Form. They also should complete a Volunteering Form. If you're confused by this, give us a call or email, and we'll try to help.