Convention 2016 Other Activities

Convention is a great way to get together with fellow enthusiasts for events and activities beyond those provided as part of the convention! On this page, you can find activities organized by members for members to take place at Convention. If you've got an announcement, send it to the website team at website [at] and we'll add it to this list.

On this page:

  • Eleventh Artist Trading Card Swap
  • Pins PLUS Exchange
  • Unofficial Self-Guided Paper Tour
  • Invitation to OMG-NYC
  • Origami to Go

Eleventh Artist Trading Card Swap


What are Artist Trading Cards (ATC)? Historically they've been handmade sets of cards created by a group of artists who trade their cards amongst themselves, ending up with new sets of cards with one card from each artist. Originally these cards did not involve origami until Jean Baden-Gillette and MaryAnn Scheblein-Dawson introduced "origami" ATCs to the OUSA convention in 2006.

Origami ATCs are the same size as non-origami ATCs and baseball trading cards (2.5 x 3.5 inches or 64 x 89mm). However, these must have actual origami as part of it and be able to fit in a trading card plastic sleeve which limits the overall thickness.

Our swap recognizes the spirit of the original ATC Swap at OrigamiUSA by keeping it more personal and why we are limiting it to attendees of the convention. The way this trade will work is I must receive all the sets beforehand to include in the exhibition and to collate all individual sets. Later we will try to actually get together as a group to meet, trade and catch up with fellow ATC swappers. As well as receive your collated sets.

NOTE: Unfortunately this ATC swap will not have "remote" trading per se: You can send your set in but you should not expect a traded set to be sent back by us. However, you can designate an attendee of this year's convention to be responsible for your cards – your ATC proxy. So international and remote participants should coordinate on their own with a 2016 convention attendee to return their ATCs.

Please read these guidelines for participation.

General Information

  1. Anyone who is serious about making ATCs may participate in this ATC Swap. But you must register by Monday, June 13, 2016 and you will receive an email confirmation afterwards within 48 hours.
  2. There is no official design theme for this swap. You have creative control!
  3. SETS NEWS: An official set consists of 18 cards. AND you may make extra sets!
  4. Each official set must be received before or no later than Wednesday, June 15, 2016, by mail, courier service or hand delivery.
  5. One of a set's 18 cards will be kept for the official collection and the exhibition. It will be replaced with an official Eleventh ATC Swap title card for each collated set.
  6. There will be no remote swapping per se which involve sets being mailed in and traded sets being mailed back. (See REGISTRATION for the swappers who are NOT ATTENDING the convention)
  7. We will meet at the convention to receive traded sets, meet each other and to "talk swap".
  8. The group swap location will be announced by email and at the convention and we will meet on Saturday, June 18, 7:00 PM
  9. Registered participants will receive periodic emails about the ATC swap, tips on ATCs and updates.
  10. Unofficial and private swapping of ATCs is encouraged, whether it's extras from this swap or other cards you have or with last minute artists.
  11. You will receive an official ATC button to wear at the convention so other artists can identify and swap with you. How you get a button will be announced by email and at the convention. Usually if you find me, I can probably give it to you then!
  12. Cards for this Eleventh ATC Swap will be on display at the OUSA convention exhibition gallery with the name of the artist, the creator(s) of the model and artist comments.


  1. To register, email Talo Kawasaki at talokatcswap [at] Please include your name, email address and mobile phone number.
  2. The deadline for registration is Monday, June 13, 2016. Please respect this deadline and if you're late or don't register, there's no guarantee your cards will be accepted officially.
  3. If you register but are NOT ATTENDING the convention, you can arrange for someone you know who is attending the OrigamiUSA Convention and agrees to be responsible for your cards. Their name and contact information (email address and mobile phone) must be included as part of registration. Whomever you designate as your ATC proxy must contact me at the convention by noon, Saturday, June 18 in person ideally (or by mobile phone) and arrange retrieval of your traded cards.
  4. If you are registered but for any reason need to cancel your participation, please contact me as soon as possible.


  1. Official sets consists of 18 cards: 2.5 x 3.5 inches or 64 x 89 mm. You are strongly encouraged to make extras for private swaps, in case you don't get someone else's official entries.
  2. No official theme. Follow your own creative desires.
  3. Your ATCs must include origami or be an origami folded card.
  4. Please include on the back of the card a label with this info:
    • Name of the artist
    • Location of the artist
    • email address
    • Name of the origami creator(s) – Please respect their creativity!
    • Title of the card
    • Edition number of card, i.e. 1/18, 2/18, 3/18 etc.
    • Event: Eleventh ATC Swap @ OrigamiUSA Convention 2016
    • Date: June 18, 2016
  5. For the exhibition display, please include a small 100-word "artist notes" or commentary about your ATC with your set. (Optional)
  6. Please protect each card with a plastic card sleeve and respect your masterpieces.
  7. Please package your participating set in a ziplock plastic bag or similar.
  8. Mail your ATC set (ideally in a padded envelope) to:

    Talo Kawasaki
    270 Clinton Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11201
    Phone: 917.733.6563

  9. If you have designated an ATC proxy at the convention to be responsible for your cards, please include their name, email address and mobile phone number. This will help ensure you get your set of traded cards.
  10. ATCs must be received before or no later than Wednesday, June 15, 2016, by mail, courier service or hand delivery. This will allow time for your card to be displayed at the exhibition gallery on Friday, June 17th, and be collated for the swap.


  • Registration– by Monday, June 13, 2016
  • Mailed set received– by Wednesday, June 15, 2016
  • Designated ATC proxy– must contact me by Saturday, June 18, 2018, noon
  • Swap Meet up– Saturday, June 18, 7-8 pm, Location TBD

Contact Information

Talo Kawasaki
talokatcswap [at]
Mobile: 917.733.6563

Pins PLUS Exchange

Hey Folks… It's PInsPLUS - marvelous time again! Lets make some really awesome, cool, jaw dropping origami PinsPLUS to wear and impress everyone at St. John's University and beyond! Let them all know that Origami Mania is happening!

This year's exchange will have an added PLUS. This year you will be able to trade your other handmade origami creations too! Bookmarks, bracelets, rings, cards, hair barrettes, boxes (Tomoko Fuse is one of our special guests this year), envelopes, favorite origami models, etc.

Express yourself with your PInsPLUS - tastic artwork! Anything goes! Lots of fun and blings along the way!

We have a new convention home, St. John's University, a calmer, more peaceful tree abundant atmosphere. No PinsPLUS - pandamonium pressure allowed! The amount of PinsPLUS you create is up to you… make as many or as little as you want. The more you make, the more you get to trade. Making PinsPLUS is about making our origami visible and bringing people into the fold!!!

Again this year's Pin Exhibit will be mobile. It will consist of PIN-sters walking, proudly strutting our stuff, parading, prancing and dancing around campus displaying our PinsPLUS-delightful creations and singing the origami song (last part optional).

People can trade informally (which we do anyway) everywhere and anywhere we want... BUT a formal gathering will be arranged on Saturday June 18th at 5:00 pm for those who may feel awkward about approaching soon to be friends (or those who do not like the idea of chasing after people with sharp objects). Location TBA.

There is no remote trading, unless you have a friend who is willing to bring your "PinsPLUS - incredibles" and trade them for you.

Please join the Facebook page to see and post sneak-peeks of our PInsPLUS - derful creations. More information about this trade (as it comes in) will be posted here and on the Facebook page. But please feel free to spread the world on all forms of social media. If you have any questions or would like to add something, contact; Shrikant Iyer (shrikant.iyer [at] or Margaret Wong (engcocards [at]

Unofficial Self-Guided Paper Tour

Suggested routes from St. John University to New York City and Back. It may take an estimated 59 minutes to an hour trip traveling from the college to the city. We'll be taking Q46 to Kew Garden - Union Turnpike to catch the E train to 42nd Street Times Square.

You can purchase from 169th Street and Union Turnpike, from a P&M grocery merchant, next to Vincenzo's Pizzeria, an $11 value metro card. Take the Q46 heading headed to the last stop on the bus.

  • When: June 17, 2016. Meeting at 11am

If there's any questions please contact me at animemiz [at] or via (917)526-0390.

Take a look at this Google Map to see where we're going. Ignore the driving route. Key: Red (Official parts of the tour) Blue/Green (Optional stops) Yellow (Food Spots).


Midtown (Times Square 42nd Street N/R/Q/S/1/2/3)

Kinokuniya: 1073 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10018. Paper selection is on the basement of this bookstore. Also there is Cafe Zaiya on the second floor. Restroom facilities on the first floor.

Option: Muji 5th ave or Muji Times Square (locations in Blue).

Chelsea/Flatiron (Nearest Subway stop: Union Square 17th Street side exit - N/R/Q/4/5/6/L)

Paper Presentation 23 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011. Paper Presentation is a great place for scrapbook paper/ cardstock/Stardream, parchment etc.

(Foodie Side Tour Dough on 19th street or City Bakery on 18th Street)

On 6th Avenue heading toward 23rd Street (Nearest Train: F)

  • Blick (chain)
  • Michael's (chain)
  • Staples (chain) Great place to buy memo cube paper.
  • Container Store (chain)

Invitation to OMG-NYC

Arriving to New York earlier than the convention? Interested in getting as much time as possible for folding and socializing with other Origami-likeminded people? Then come to a weekly meeting of the Origami Meet Up Group for New York (OMG-NY).

This year we're doing a special outing on Wednesday to Governor's Island from 10am onward. Look for details here.

Normally we meet every Tuesday or Thursday. We officially begin at 7:30pm at either Argo Tea (75 University Place @ 11th Street near Union Square) for Tuesday or Panera Bread (330 7th Ave) on Thursday, and stay for a couple of hours. Folders of all levels are invited to come and meetup!

Origami to Go

We are pleased to announce an Origami Exchange table at the 2016 OrigamiUSA convention in New York. The table will be available on Saturday and Sunday. Look for the "Origami to Go" sign in the Hospitality Area.

The idea is simple: Give some, take some. Please limit your contributions to origami-related materials, such as finished origami models, origami books, printed diagrams, papers, containers. If you bring something and it is not taken, you may take it back. Any leftovers will be trashed on Sunday evening.

Please contact Sunil Dhavalikar at (215) 718-5818 for more information.