Convention 2016 Remote Classes

OrigamiUSA members will have the opportunity to participate in Convention 2016, even if they can't attend: Remote Classes! Using an online virtual class technology, you will be able to join selected classes remotely via the internet, with the option to ask questions of the instructor and interact with the other class attendees, as in on-site classes.

When you register for a Remote class, you will receive an email with details, guidelines and instructions on how to attend the class. You will need a computer connected to the Internet and a browser that supports the web-conferencing platform (test instructions will be included in the email).

Remote classes have a $5 fee for each class and are available only to members of OrigamiUSA.

Online registration for Remote Classes is now closed.

Here are the classes that were available:


  • star10:00-11:45
    Bascetta Star by Sang Yul Bae
    Level: Intermediate
    This is a 30-unit modular designed by Paolo Bascetta. 3-inch duo paper is recommended. I will provide it for students in the classroom.
  • dice2:00-3:45
    Dice and Double Dice Box by Tomoko Fuse
    Level: Intermediate
    This is a three-dimensional cube-shaped box and two intersecting cubes. The box is made of two squares of different sizes.


  • cardinal10:00-11:45
    Perching Cardinal by Robert J. Lang
    Level: High Intermediate
    This is a variation of the Cardinal I taught last year. This year with a hallux! (And a bit harder folding sequence.) We'll fold it from duo kami, not the wet-folded paper shown here. I will provide duo kami for students on-site in my classroom (special thanks to Anne LaVin for providing the paper). Red-and-black duo paper is recommended for students off-site.
  • daisy4:00-4:45
    Daisy by Marc Kirschenbaum
    Level: High Intermediate
    A daisy will be taught, featuring a color-changed center. You should be comfortable with sinking and squash folding to make this model.


  • 10:00-11:45
    Stories UnFolding by Megan Hicks
    Level: Not Rated
    75% hands-on; 25% lecture/demonstration. For almost 30 years, award-winning storyteller Megan Hicks has shared her paperfolding-storytelling mashup in schools and libraries on four continents and in all four hemispheres. Participants learn several simple story-folds. Participants on-site in the classroom will take home print copies of stories and diagrams distributed under a Creative Commons non-commercial, share and share alike license. Suitable for all levels, including brand new storytellers and brand new folders.Students need 6" paper squares. Kami weight is good; so is photocopy weight. No experience, folding or storytelling, is required. Klutziness is not a deterrent to taking this class.
  • corrugation2:00-3:45
    Basics of Corrugation by Benjamin Parker
    Level: Intermediate
    Students will be taught some of the basic techniques for folding corrugations from scratch, as if they were sketches. After some of the basics are taught, there will be time for the class to play with the paper and create free-form corrugations. Students should have an idea of what a corrugation looks like, and have some basic traditional folding techniques. Additionally, the material will be more digestible if the student has folded a miura-ori.