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2019-01-04 Brief Report: 2018 End-of-Year Matching Fundraising Campaign
2018-11-26 Your Donation Dollars Go Further If You Give NOW! 2018 Matching Fundraiser!
2018-11-13 2018 Origami Holiday Tree
2018-06-22 In memoriam: deg farrelly
2018-04-22 Memorial for Mark Kennedy
2018-04-01 Seeking New Lending Library Manager - Volunteer
2018-03-16 Convention Scholarships available for Young Folders – apply now!
2018-03-05 Deadline for Origami by Children is March 31, 2018
2018-02-26 OrigamiUSA Convention Survey - let us know what you think!
2018-02-05 2017 Matching Fundraising Campaign Results
2017-12-17 Deadline extended to Dec 31, 2017 for donations to the matching campaign
2017-11-27 Holiday Tree: "Unfolding the Senses"
2017-11-22 Your Donation Dollars Go Further If You Give NOW! 2017 Matching Fundraiser Update!
2017-11-22 [Update] 7th International Meeting on Origami in Science, Mathematics and Education (7OSME)
2017-11-05 PCOC 2019: Portland, OR
2017-09-13 Fold the 2017 Annual Gift
2017-09-11 PCOC 2017 Registration Opens!
2017-07-30 Origami Symposia in Math, Art and Education in Los Angeles on Nov. 3, 2017
2017-03-22 Sign up now for PCOC 2017 Tour of Los Angeles
2017-02-28 Deadline for Origami by Children is March 31, 2017
2017-02-08 Results of Successful 2016 OrigamiUSA Fundraiser
2017-02-02 Want To Get Origami Connect Announcements?
2017-01-02 Origami Holiday Tree 2016: Origami Dinosaurs Among Us
2016-11-15 Origami Elephant World Record Broken
2016-11-14 New Matching Donations: Donation Deadline Extended to December 31
2016-10-19 Convention 2017: June 23-26, St. John's University
2016-10-14 Limited Time Matching Donation Offer until November 15!
2016-09-22 Update on the Origami Elephant World Record
2016-09-14 [Updated] Fold the 2016 Annual Gift Model
2016-07-23 Fold Origami Elephants to break the Guinness World Record