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2016-11-14 New Matching Donations: Donation Deadline Extended to December 31
2016-10-19 Convention 2017: June 23-26, St. John's University
2016-10-14 Limited Time Matching Donation Offer until November 15!
2016-09-22 Update on the Origami Elephant World Record
2016-09-14 [Updated] Fold the 2016 Annual Gift Model
2016-07-23 Fold Origami Elephants to break the Guinness World Record
2016-06-14 Convention 2016 Class Schedules
2016-06-07 Update 2: OrigamiUSA Survey Results 2015-2016
2016-05-09 Convention 2016 Registration Open
2016-02-18 Deadline for Origami by Children is March 31, 2016
2015-12-31 Organizational Changes for OrigamiUSA
2015-12-23 Convention 2016: St. John's University, Queens, NY
2015-12-01 Take Online Classes with Origami Connect!
2015-11-23 Origami Holiday Tree: Mighty to Microscopic Life
2015-11-20 OrigamiUSA Survey – Please participate!
2015-10-31 PCOC Photos and Guided Tour
2015-10-04 PCOC 2015: Remote Classes, Silent Auction, and Remote Tour
2015-06-28 Convention Exhibition, Oversize Folding Videos
2015-05-04 Convention 2015 Registration is Open!
2015-03-28 PCOC 2015 Post-convention Tour available for signup
2015-03-11 Deadline for Origami by Children is March 31, 2015
2015-03-07 Donate and get an Umbrella with OrigamiUSA logo
2015-02-20 OrigamiUSA Board: No more Local/Remote
2014-12-09 Origami Holiday Tree: Night at the Museum
2014-12-04 Convention 2015: June 19-22, at Manhattan College
2014-10-25 Convention 2015: Not at FIT! And new dates to come
2014-10-20 Donate and get a Denim Shirt with OrigamiUSA logo
2014-10-03 Opportunities to build business card Menger sponge
2014-09-30 Issues 60-69 of The Paper now available as downloads from The Source
2014-09-24 Download Diagrams from The Fold