The Pacific Coast Origami Conference is organized, staffed and run by volunteers. These volunteers come together from many different origami clubs around the country for the purpose of creating a fun-filled opportunity for folders to get together on the West Coast.

This spirit of sharing and volunteerism makes for a casual yet coordinated event. We’ve taken our experiences from origami conventions around the world and built a unique conference that will give folders of all interest and skills a unique and fun event.

We need volunteers in the following areas:

  • Teachers
  • Dinner Ticket Takers
  • Security
  • Setup/Takedown

Teaching volunteers will be solicited when registration opens. If you would like to volunteer to assist in the organization of PCOC, please fill out the volunteering form.

  • Online registration for volunteering at PCOC is now closed.

If you have any questions or want to do something not listed on the online form, please email us at pcoc-volunteering [at] and tell us your area of interest!

Current Volunteers

  • Local Lead & PCOC Comm Liaison — Lori Gregory
  • Public Relations & co-captain — Ray Takeuchi
  • Programming & co-captain — Mark Morden
  • Budget — Terry Allen
  • Publications — Ayumi Hayatsu and Robert Orndorff
  • Web Content — Lori Gregory and Ray Takeuchi
  • Photography — John Smiley, Gordon Crane
  • Food/Menu Team — Terry Allen, Kim Crane, Lori Gregory
  • Exhibition - Lincoln Square — Lori Gregory
  • Exhibition - Attendee — Robert Orndorff
  • Vendors — Kim & Gordon Crane
  • Entertainment — Terry Allen, Ray Takeuchi
  • Centerpieces — Terry Allen, John Smiley
  • Registration — Lori Gregory
  • Post Convention Tour — Ray Takeuchi, Robert Orndorff, and Lori Gregory
  • Silent Auction — Lisa Mayekawa
  • Security — Rabbitt Boyer
  • Model Menu — Mary Williams
  • Volunteer Coordinator — Rabbitt Boyer
  • Hospitality — Lori Gregory
  • Welcome/Sorry Kit — Lori Gregory
  • Signage — Mark Morden