If you work (teach and/or volunteer) during class time, you will have ticketing priority if you also meet the following criteria:

  • You have registered to attend convention by September 15th and have signed up to teach by October 1st.
  • Your model for display on the Model Menu (if you've submitted one) is received in the Hospitality Room no later than 5 pm on Friday afternoon.

In addition:

  • You must be teaching and/or volunteering during a day for which you have signed up to Attend With Classes.
  • If you teach and/or volunteer one hour of class time, you are eligible for Priority Ticketing during that day.
  • If you teach and/or volunteer two hours of class time, you are eligible for Priority Ticketing for all days attending.

If you are eligible for Priority Ticketing your form will be waiting for you at the Model Menu intake area at the Information Desk in the Hospitality Room. If you are attending the Friday Seminars, and are eligible for Priority Ticketing, we will provide your Friday form to you at the Thursday reception, or will make special arrangements with you if you are not attending Thursday night.

If your travel plans do not allow you to deliver your Model Menu model by 5pm Friday, please mail it to arrive by October 5, 2015, to:
Barbara Gardner
1976 Hardscrabble Place
Boulder CO 80305

Please note that only a limited number of priority tickets for each class will be available, and teachers/volunteers requesting this priority will also have their forms filled in order based on the ticketing sequence number they received based on the timestamp on their submission form (or postmark for mailed-in forms). A class will not be allowed to sell out by Priority Ticketing before the regular Ticketing Process begins, so you still may not get the classes you like; it is important to put second choices on your ticketing priority form.

Priority Ticketing forms must be filled out and returned to the Information Desk by midnight on the night before. Friday forms are due Thursday night, Saturday forms are due Friday night, and Sunday forms are due Saturday night. Tickets can be picked up at the Information Desk during the regular Ticketing Process (8:30 am–9:30 am).