Ticketing Process

In order to attend classes, you must obtain tickets during the morning ticketing period. This takes place at 9:30-10:00 am on Friday; 9:00-10:00 am on Saturday and Sunday.

Each morning, you will get the tickets you need for only that day's classes.

You should plan to be in the Hospitality Area early to review the model menu and the Schedule and Ticketing forms that you received in your Welcome Kit. Please fill out the Ticketing form before Ticketing begins with your 1st and 2nd choices for each class period.

Once ticketing begins, please get in line in the order of your ticketing number. Your number for each day can be found on the back of your nametag. As ticketing progresses, some classes might sell out. The list of sold-out classes will be posted next to the ticketing board. Please adjust your choices and the form accordingly as you approach the ticketing boards.

Once the ticketing process is over, tickets will remain available in the Ticketing Board. You can get or switch your tickets there any time during the rest of the day.

Ticketing Number Assignment

Your best chance of getting a low ticketing number is to register early. Ticket numbers are assigned based on your "postmark" date, which is either the date you registered online or the date you mailed your registration, or the date you faxed it in, or the date you dropped it off in the OrigamiUSA office. FedEx, Priority Mail or other special handling is not necessary, and will provide no priority advantage.

In fairness to all methods of registration (dependent upon time zone, ability to get internet access, or proximity to the OrigamiUSA office) the few days of "postmark" dates received are lotteried together. There are separate lotteries for each PCOC day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

Priority Ticketing for Teachers and Volunteers

If you are teaching or volunteering during class time, you may be eligible for priority ticketing.