PCOC 2021 Diagram Book

It’s that time! We’re putting out the call for diagram submissions for PCOC 2021. The deadline is Saturday, May 1, 2021.

All contributors of accepted diagrams will receive a free PDF copy of the diagram book.

Diagram Categories

The PCOC 2021 Diagram Book will consist of three categories:

San Francisco Landmarks

Any of the famous landmarks of San Francisco. Examples include:

If you know of other landmarks not listed, please feel free to design, diagram, and submit for consideration.


Any of the state symbols of California. See either of these lists:

In Honor of Vicky and V’Ann

This section of the diagram book is in remembrance of Vicky Mihara Avery and V’Ann Cornelius, two of the founding mothers of PCOC. Because they contributed so much to the joy of folding we are including some of their diagrams here so that newer members may enjoy some of their amazing models.

Submission Requirements


Please adhere to the following details for preparing your diagram for submission:

  • The artwork should be print-ready (300 dpi) and sized at 7.12” x 9.6” (18 x 24 cm) with no margins.
  • It should have a white background with preferably a black font and grayscale diagrams (since we're working with only black and white for printing internal pages).
  • Include the name of the model, the designer, and diagrammer on the diagram.
  • It should be a PDF file.
  • Convert all fonts to outlines prior to generating your PDF.
  • If conversion to outline is not possible, then please be sure to “Embed Fonts” when generating your PDF.

Before submitting your diagram(s), check your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and symbol accuracy (e.g., if the verbal instructions say "mountain fold," make sure to use dash-dot-dash or dash-dot-dot-dash lines).

Make sure to have others read through and test-fold your work.


We request that you submit a paragraph-length biography of 750 characters or less along with your diagram. Here’s a character count site to help.

How to Submit

  • Fill out the permission form. This form needs to be filled out for each of your submissions.
  • Email the following files (preferably in one email) to pcoc-diagrambook [at] origamiusa.org:
    • Your biography (single paragraph, 750 characters or less)
    • Your diagram(s)
    • Your user name and email address on the OrigamiUSA website if you wish to receive a PDF copy of the book. You don't need to be a member of OrigamiUSA; you just need an account on the website, which you can create here if you don't yet have one.

Please keep in mind the deadline: Saturday, May 1, 2021.

Submission Perks

The earlier you can submit your diagrams, the better. We'll be giving out these perks for submitting your diagrams and biographical material early:

  • Before December 31, 2020: Receive a 25% discount from Paper Tree on purchases over $100. Limited to the first 10 that are accepted.
  • Before February 1, 2021: Receive a 10% discount from Paper Tree.

Thank you in advance for considering submitting a diagram for PCOC 2021. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by emailing pcoc-diagrambook [at] origamiusa.org.