COcon 2024 is all about classes! Easy, intermediate, complex: there are classes for every level.

All classes are in-person only; there will be no virtual/online classes for this event.

Teaching Classes

Everything starts with teaching: The success of COcon depends on our volunteer teachers, and we need teachers to register early and submit their classes. Note that you must register for COcon before you can register to teach.

Class-Related Dates

  • January 8, 1:00 pmFebruary 15, 1:00 pm EST — Registration for teaching classes.
  • March 5, 1:00 pm EST — Class schedule posted.
  • March 8, 3:00 pm CST — COcon begins!

Taking Classes

COcon will not have ticketing for classes. Doors will open shortly before classes begin at 10 am each day; you can go to any class that you wish to take and that has room when you arrive.

Class previews, the online schedule, and printable schedules and information will be posted here.

Because of fire safety regulations, please do not sit on the floor if you cannot get a chair. If the class is full, you will need to go to your next choice. You can always find the instructor later, or someone who attended the class to teach you informally in the community room. If there is enough of a demand, an informal class can be scheduled in the evening in the community room.

As a courtesy, please wait until the previous class is over before entering the classroom, and give people time to gather up their belongings.

Further Information

Please read through the pages below on origami difficulty ratings to help decide which classes to sign up for and etiquette in the origami classroom.