Class Creator(s) Teacher(s) Published in
Apricot Kusudama Ekaterina Lukasheva Jimmy Yu

Modern Kusudama Origami by Ekaterina Lukasheva, page 57

Betiana Maximiliano Ortiz Kay Eng

Origami Stars 2 - Maximiliano Ortiz

Bunny Bill Pop-Up Robert Neale Char Morrow

Originally published by Magic, Inc, Chicago, IL 1964 with edits & illustrations by Samual & Jean Randlett. It is still listed on their website for $9.95, but Out Of Stock at present.
In Folding Money Fooling by Robert Neale, 1997. ISBN 978B0006R1OM0. Possibly available on eBay.
In British Origami Society Magazine, 50th Anniversary Edition, 2017

Celebration Crown Laura Kruskel Carol Bussell

1997 Friends of the Origami Center Collection. Page 198

Dragon Emilson Nunes Dos Santos Kay Eng

There are multiple YouTube videos.

Frog with Toes - 2022 John Montroll Jon Herrity

Animal Origami for the Enthusiast 2nd Edition - 2022

Fuse's Flying Horses Tomoko Fuse Carol Bussell

It is published in Japanese. The ISBN is 4-416-38715-6. Pages 44-47.

Hamster Christopher Lee Christopher Lee

@foldylines on Instagram:

Harlequin Compass Nobuko Okabe Nobuko Okabe

Not published yet.

Hen Basket Jose Meeusen Kathleen Sheridan

Hartelijk Bedankt met Origami (1994)
It's a Dutch book

Hideo Komatsu's Fox Hideo Komatsu V badur

Page 37 of Works of Hideo Komatsu by Hideo Komatsu
Published 2012 by Gallery Origami House

Originally published in 1993 on page 163 of the Tanteidan 7th convention book.

Hildegards Schächtele + Carmen Sprung + Patricia Grodner


Hunting Bear Pasquale d’Auria Donna Walcavage

Unpublished, taught at OWM 4.

Lane Allen, Standing Crane Traditional, changed by Lane Lane Allen

Old 4" square book , long lost.

Origami Dragon Bookmark Jo Nakashima Samanyu Bhansali

Red Kangaroo - 2023 John Montroll Jon Herrity

Origami Symphony No. 9, pg. 18.

Salt Flower Miyuki Kawamura Eric Ma
Silver Floating shelves William Holt William Holt
Simple Goldfish Reza Nagree Reza Nagree
Snapology - Icosahedron Heinz Strobl Faye Goldman

Geometric Origami, Faye E Goldman - Evan Zodl - Heinz Strobl - Heinz Strobl

Spring Into Action Jeff Benyon Wendy Zeichner

Origami in Action by Robert Lang

Star Arisa Nobuko Okabe Nobuko Okabe

The Fold Issue 58 (2020)

Stern Vanda Carmen Sprung Sandra Congreve

"Origami - 21 Sterne" by Carmen Sprung. While out of print, this book is available for purchase as a pdf file on Carmen Sprung's website,

Super Nobu Unit Modular Ball Nobuko Okabe Nobuko Okabe
TeaTime (teapot and saucer) Tomohiro Tachi Mary Drews

The Warbler Jason Schneider Jason Schneider

Origami Memories,

Tortoise Nobuyoshi Enomoto June Yamasaki

NOA Monthly Origami No. 536

Tulip Garden and Square Dish Traditional Thai flower with arrangement by Isa Klein and Sara Giarrusso Box for Aria Arlene Gorchov

Flower Garden:

Victoria's secret tato-box Christiane Bettens Mary Drews

CFC Origami, Flickr