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Convention 2014 Suggest Classes

Is there a model you've been dying to learn, but can't find, or haven't been able to fold?

Similar to the "Teach Me:" stickers we've used for years at the Convention, we've created this page to let convention-goers make suggestions for classes by leaving a comment on this page. We can't guarantee anything, of course, but we'll be encouraging everyone interested in teaching to take a look here for inspiration.

If you are interested in teaching, don't comment here, please go to the Teaching Classes page to sign up to teach. If you want to see what people have already committed to teaching, see the preview pages that are linked from the Taking classes page.

(Note: you'll need to be logged into your OrigamiUSA website account to make suggestions here.)

Questions? Contact convention-teaching [at]


Tomoko Fuse's boxes or modulars.

As she's published TONS of books, endless boxes and modulars... can you be any more specific? Is there a particular Fuse piece you're interested in? (You could browse the Origami Database, search for Fuse, and suggest a specific one you like, perhaps?)

<p>A class on reading and folding crease patterns. &nbsp;Possibly first focusing on extracts from famous/popular models, then showing how to colaps a full model while isolating and colapsing the smaller sub-areas. &nbsp;Also, tips on recognizing the types of design styles &nbsp;and how to approach them. Analyzing whether a base is uniaxial or multi-axial, and verious other aspects of models that could inform the folder on how best to approach the fold. &nbsp;There could be seperate classes for traditional based, radial based, box pleating based and hex pleating based models or they could be grouped together.</p>

I second the motion. I've been trying to figure out CP's for a while and can't seem to get the hang of them. I think it'd be a great idea if someone could assist those of us who don't quite understand the process yet.

Ask and you shall receive. I'll be teaching a class on crease patterns, and will talk about some of the topics you are interested in.

Please teach how to collapse the "Squaring the circle" model by R. Lang.

I REALLY want to know how to make Jeremy Shafer's FLASHER HAT! I can get the crease pattern down, but just can't collapse it! HELP!!!!!!!!

I plan to attend this year and I can fold flasher hats, but I am not sure that I want to teach an entire class of people at once. If you find me and I have time, I can help, or if enough people want me to try to teach a class on it, I might be cajoled into it. Which version of the hat are you are trying to fold?

Wow. Thank you so much for answering. I barely saw this. I am interested in folding Jeremy Shafter's original flasher hat that is in Origami to Astonish and Amuse. I will definitely look for you.

You could try doing the baby flasher hat first and then try the flasher hat, or you could go to his video on collapsing the hat, part three of the flasher hat.

Thank you. I've watched that video so many times, and no luck. Hoping I can get some help at convention. :)

I like owls. I would like to learn the Horned Owl by Hido Komatsu and/or the Roman Diaz owl.

Beth Johnson's Sheep (offered last year, but I didn't get to take it)

<p>Diagraming with Adobe - I'd love a Monday class on using Adobe Illustrator and InDesign to draw and compose origami diagrams for publication.</p>

Wet-folded flowers.

Flower Tower by Chris Palmer, EZ star by Evan Zodl, or Snapology class would be great! See everyone there!

Flower Tower added. I have signed up to teach the flower tower.

Penguins, Elephants, and Pigs (requests from friends that are attending).

"Joining a pinwheel-cube unit assembly" from Tomoko Fuse's book, Unit Origami: Multidimensional Transformations; pp 150 and 151.

I think a class on mounting origami would be great.

Please teach the Shuriken star origami box.

how about Robert Lang's Rose.

I'm dying to learn how to fold an origami trombone by Eric Joisel, if not any decent looking origami trombone. I really want to make it because i play trombone and I have been searching for a video tutorial or diagram or even a crease pattern for about a year! Please, I would appreciate any kind of help!

Or how about the origami sitting dog by David Brill.