Registration Requirements for Exhibition, Teaching

As has long been the case, if you wish to teach or exhibit at Convention, you must register as an attendee (even if you are not taking classes). This year, the online registration system requires you to have registered online as an attendee before you can fill out the exhibition and teaching online forms. We highly encourage all attendees to register using the online system (you must be logged into your website account to do so). You can, however, register using downloadable paper forms via mail. In that case, though, it will take a few days for your registration to be processed before you will be able to register for exhibition and/or teaching (both of which must be done online).

New Volunteer System

Volunteering is a critical part of our convention. This year we're introducing a completely new Volunteer Sign-Up System, where you can select your own tasks and time slots. See here for more information.

Location Changes

We've been advised that Katie Murphy Auditorium will be unavailable this year. This means that the Gold Mine, Annual Meeting and Oversized Folding will be re-located. Check the signs at convention to find the right places.

Suggest Classes

Do you want to suggest a model that you'd love to learn, or are you looking for ideas of models to teach? We've set up a Suggest Classes page where you can let us know what you're interested in. Remember that there's no guarantee that anyone will want to teach your suggested model, but we'll try, and prospective teachers, please take a look at what people are requesting!

Featured Artists Page

Many people don't realize how many published authors/creators come to our convention. So we've decided to introduce a Featured Artists page, where you can learn more about the Artists attending the convention. Be certain to check it out!

Jam Session Saturday Night

Do you play an instrument and love to jam on jazz or rock? Nick Robinson is a talented guitarist, and would love to have a jam session with like-minded musicians. If you're interested, contact convention-info [at] and we'll put you in touch with Nick.

Sorry Kit Change

Sorry Kits, Collections, and T-shirts for non-attendees will now be sold through The Origami Source. See here for more information.

No Membership Requirement for International Attendees

We really appreciate the effort and expense that's involved for our attendees to come to the OrigamiUSA convention. So we've instituted a new policy for international attendees folk—those coming from anywhere but the US: OrigamiUSA membership will not be required!

Guardian Rules

Those of you who've been to convention in the past few years will have noticed how crowded the Hospitality Area gets during non-class times. We are, in fact, at great risk of exceeding the Fire Department's capacity limits. We will, therefore, have to limit the guardians who accompany under-age children or people with disabilities. Each person in need of a guardian or aide will receive one Guardian badge that can be used by multiple people, one at a time. This means that if, for example, Mother wants to come on Saturday and Father on Sunday, they can each use the same badge. You won't have to fill out an additional form for the Guardians; just check the box on the Attendee Registration form and add the names (and cell phones) of the people who will be using the badge.

If you are a NON-FOLDER who wishes to volunteer at the convention for two or more hours per day, please fill out the staff registration form.

Silent Auction Changes

Thinking about bringing or sending something for Silent Auction? Please complete the web form to let us know what you're bringing so that we can plan the space, and so that we can answer questions if you have them. We'll send an email to acknowledge and confirm. This year we've simplified the form so you can put all of your donated items on a single form.