Tips for Going to Balloon Fiesta Park on Saturday/Sunday mornings

One of the most exciting things about this date and location is that it’s the first weekend of the Balloon Fiesta. If you’d like to get a flavor of what the Balloon Fiesta is like, take a look at these webcam views from 2011. If you'd like to attend the Fiesta, we recommend the following.

  • Do NOT plan to drive. You will NOT make it back to the hotel in time for morning classes.
  • We have adjusted the schedule so that folks who wish to go to the Balloon Park can do so and be back in time for classes:
    1. Make a reservation with Tour New Mexico. The buses have a special lane and can go and return from the fiesta quickly. The cost is $38 and includes admission to Balloon Park.
    2. The bus from the Marriott leaves at 6:20 am and returns at 9:40 am.
    3. Register for the bus BEFORE you arrive in Albuquerque. The buses do sell out.

Sunday Evening Balloon Glow and Fireworks!

This is a special event provided by the Marriott Pyramid, only for attendees staying at the hotel.

A free bus will be provided to the Balloon Fiesta Park for the Sunday evening Balloon Glow and Fireworks! The cost will be $8 for admission to the park, which must be paid on your registration form.

The bus loop will begin at 5:45pm (directly after classes end). Your ticket will have your departure time as the bus will have to make several trips to accommodate all. The schedule of the departure times to the park and also returning to the hotel will be posted here closer to the event.

After the Conference

Shuttle buses do not run from hotels to the Fiesta during the week. If you have a car you can drive and park there or go to a Park and Ride.

Check out the official website for all balloon activities during the week.

If you are interested in a ride in a balloon, we are recommending Rainbow Ryders Balloons. They are the only company allowed to launch from the Balloon Fiesta Field. If you plan to have a balloon ride on Saturday or Sunday you will NOT be able to get back to the hotel in time for morning classes. Also, you must provide your own transportation to the field. The shuttle buses will return to the hotel before your ride will be finished.