The origami design challenge for PCOC 2013 is the fabled Jackalope of the American Southwest, rarely seen in the wild, but stationary versions are to be found in museums, curio shops, and the odd fine dining establishment throughout the wilder parts of America. Of course, for your best chance of capturing the essence of this elusive creature, you should sculpt your work "from life," but in case you can not rent a Jackalope as an artist's model (they are in particularly high demand during the Balloon Festival), you might try this link, and of course, Google Images offers plenty of imagery from cryptozoologists of all stripes. (Including the stripes of the striped Jackalope.)

The Rules

Each entry should be folded from a single uncut square. You should include the title, type and size of paper. If you have a crease pattern, that will be displayed with the work, but it's not necessary. Designs do not need to be original, but the designer and folder (whether same or different) must be clearly labeled.

How to Enter

If you are attending PCOC, bring your entry and look for the display table in the exhibition area.

You do not need to attend PCOC to enter (although of course we'd love to see you there); you can send it in by mail, by October 1, 2013, to:

Jackalope Design Challenge
c/o Patty Grodner
6924 Brandywine Lp NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111

When you bring or mail your artwork, if you would like it returned, you can pick it up at the end of PCOC (or have someone pick it up for you); all remaining entries will be retained by the Albuquerque Origami Society as Jackalope decoys for when the winter Jackalope hunting season opens.

Judging and Prizes

Convention attendees will place their votes for their favorite entry. The AOS will count entries and announce the winner at the end of convention. The winner will receive a $50 gift certificate for The Origami Source.