Welcome to your first Pacific Coast OrigamiUSA Conference. This page will give you some information about what to expect. Please email Patty Grodner at origamimommy [at] mac.com if you have any questions.

Getting Ready

Dress is casual at the conference. Temperatures in the morning are around 40°F, warming up to about 70°F by noon. Bring a jacket and dress in layers. If you are planning on going to the Balloon Fiesta in the early morning you may need warmer layers. All classes will be in the Albuquerque Marriott Convention rooms and the temperature should be comfortable.

Paper will be supplied, so just bring your folding tools (i.e. scissors, tweezers, ruler, glue) or other items (i.e. notebook, pen). You will get a clear plastic box to carry your models that will fit into the convention tote that comes with the Early Bird Package.

Getting Here

If you are arriving by plane the best way to get to the hotel is by shuttle or taxi.

Call ahead for reservations so you do not have to wait at the airport.

At the Convention

Plan on attending the First Timer's Meeting Friday at 8:30 pm. As you make your plans to come to the conference read over the options carefully. Thursday night there will be a wine and cheese reception for those that come early for sightseeing or volunteering. Friday workshops will be offered as well. Friday night is the beginning of the formal part of the conference, this year beginning with a Southwestern reception. The reception is part of our Early Bird Package. It is great time to meet new friends that share the same passions as you.

If you are coming to participate in the International Balloon Fiesta as well, check out our links to information about the fiesta. Be sure to read carefully the schedule for both balloon events and origami events so you do not miss any of the origami convention!

Saturday and Sunday are the days to take classes to learn origami models. You will get tickets to attend the classes. In between classes you can visit the origami exhibition in the hotel, as well as purchase origami paper and books in the vending area.

Saturday night will be the banquet, including great food, fun fellowship with folding friends, and fantastic centerpieces designed especially for this conference. We will end the evening with a lively game of Bingo featuring origami-related prizes.

There will be all night folding areas for those that would rather fold than sleep.

The year we have an opportunity for our attendees to attend the Balloon Glow at Balloon Fiesta Park on Sunday evening.

Consider participating in all the options to make this a convention to remember!


The Information Desk in the Hospitality Area is staffed at all times. If you need help or have a question, ask anyone (everyone will be very friendly), but especially look for red ribbons (Board Members and Convention Committee), or blue ribbons (Convention Pros). We'll recognize you by your yellow ribbon, which will identify you as a first-timer.

In the Classrooms

The classes are not overly structured, but quiet attention and politeness are requested. Please be on time for classes, and please do not try to attend a class for which you do not have a ticket, as you may be asked to leave.

Our students range in age from 5 to 95! It's a pleasure to see people of all ages appreciating each other. Children are certainly welcome at all events, but to make the environment safe and comfortable for everyone, please do not leave children under 8 unattended in class. If your child cannot be left unattended in a classroom then perhaps your child is too young for the conference this year. Or sign up for classes yourself if you wish to accompany your child. You are welcome to wait outside the room. If you're not going to be there make arrangements with another responsible adult. And, please, take your child out of the room if he or she is having difficulty being quiet.

Remember that all teachers are volunteers. Please help them whenever you can. Here is a guide to classroom etiquette.