silent auction

This year PCOC will hold a "Silent Auction" to help defray expenses and keep prices low. We ask that OrigamiUSA members, PCOC friends and family, think about donating something to this year's "Silent Auction." Perhaps you have run across some origami items while spring/summer cleaning! This would be a great opportunity to help our Silent Auction with a donation! It's not too early to look around in your stash. One person's overcrowded closet can lead to joyful acquisitions by others. Think about origami books, paper, jewelry, trinkets, ornaments, or clothing items that you have, that you could donate! You can bring your silent auction donation with you to PCOC. Or if you would rather send them to us, you can do so.

Items can be sent to:

Patty Grodner
6924 Brandywine Lp NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111

We ask that items be mailed out by September 15, so that the committee can pack and organize items for the convention. Be sure to include your: 1) name, 2) description of donation, and 3) an estimated the value of the item (guestimate). If you have any questions, feel free to contact the coordinator,

Dawn & Brian Jackson, at albuquerqueorigamisociety [at]

Let's make this year's "Silent Auction" memorable, and fun! Hope to see you all at this year's PCOC!

Thank you for your time, consideration and support!

Dawn & Brian Jackson
PCOC volunteer
Albuquerque, NM