Origami class schedules for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, are put together throughout the month of August and sessions are constructed in September (after we know what people have offered to teach). Class schedules will be posted here on the Wednesday before PCOC. Meanwhile, please check out the links below with tips and hints for students.

Information for Students

Please read through the pages linked below on classroom etiquette and origami difficulty. Origami folks are, in general, a friendly and forgiving lot, but you can help keep things running smoothly by following the generally accepted norms of behavior (etiquette) and only signing up for classes at your folding level. Don't get in over your head!

Class Previews

The links below show the classes that people have volunteered to teach, provided here to give you a glimpse of what is planned (and, perhaps, to inspire you to register to teach a few classes yourself!). Please note that these are not fixed; people's plans change, and the order on the listing is merely reverse order of submission. Final class listings, with schedule and location, will be posted below in the days immediately before PCOC.

  • Class preview pages are now closed.

Class Schedules

Below are the final class schedules and advisories. Each attendee will also have the final schedule in their registration packets on site.

Teacher Feedback

We'd very much like to get your feedback on the classes you took! Please fill out a feedback form as soon as you can after taking a class. We pass this information back to the teachers (anonymously) and use it to make improvements for next year.

  • Teacher Feedback forms are now closed.