The Los Angeles metropolitan area is very spread out (there is a 70-mile-long street entirely within the city limits!) and there are many sights to see and places to visit (besides PCOC, of course). Here are a few options for getting from place to place.

Driving (e.g., renting a car)

LA has an extensive freeway system, but traffic in LA can be very congested. Please allow enough time to reach your destination and check traffic reports.

Super Shuttle

One option for travelers is the Super Shuttle. This may be found at various points in the city and will escort you to where you need to be in a convenient manner. Note that "shared van service" may make several stops to pick up and drop off others during your trip, so leave plenty of time for the journey.


An easy-to-find option is the use of taxis. Taxis may be found at the airport as well as in strategic places around the city,but in most areas, you will need to call for a cab rather than simply hailing one from a street corner. Taxis may be a bit more pricey than other options but are good and reliable.

A mobile-app-based taxi service is Curb (formerly Taxi Magic).

Alternative Car Services

There are several other ride options, including:

Check out their websites to find the service that best meets your needs and make sure to download the app before leaving home.

Public Transportation

Although Los Angeles is not known for its public transportation there are several options for those that do not want to rent a car. Check out the Los Angeles Public Transit web page for more specific information.