Ticketing Process

Note: A change to the ticketing process has been introduced this year. It affects only the physical form that is used for admission to classes. It does not affect the rest of the morning ticketing process. See “Class Admission Form” below.

In order to attend classes, each morning you must obtain your class assignments during the morning ticketing period for that day’s classes. See the General Schedule for times.

You should plan to be in the Hospitality Area early to review the model menu and the Schedule and Ticketing forms that you received in your Welcome Kit. Please fill out the Ticketing form before Ticketing begins with your 1st and 2nd choices for each class period. Illustrated instructions for completing the form are here.

You do not have to wait until the morning of classes to make your decisions about which classes to request; you can see what classes are being submitted by teachers on the Class Preview pages, and then see when classes will be offered on the online Final Schedule. Both have pictures! See Taking Classes for more details.

Once ticketing begins, please get in line in the order of your ticketing number. Your number for each day can be found on the back of your nametag. As ticketing progresses, some classes might sell out. The list of sold-out classes will be posted next to the ticketing board. Please adjust the choices on your ticketing form and the form accordingly as you approach the ticketing boards. If you need additional forms, the ticketing line monitors will provide them for you.

Once the morning ticketing process is over, classes that have not been sold out will remain posted to the ticketing board. You can register for one of them or switch classes at any time during the rest of the day.

Questions? Please see our Frequently Asked Questions on Convention Ticketing.

Class Admission Form

Tickets will be replaced with check-off lists on the ticketing board at PCOC this year. The ticketing volunteer will match the class selections on your ticketing forms to the check-off lists on the ticketing board. For each match, your ticketing form will be annotated and your initials will be placed in the next available slot on the check-off list for that class. The ticketing form itself replaces the tickets for admission to the day’s classes.

The presence of your initials on the check-off lists will be helpful if you lose your ticketing form or want to swap classes with another attendee.

Ticketing Number Assignment

Your best chance of getting a low ticketing number is to register early. Ticket numbers are assigned based on your "postmark" date, which is either the date you registered online or the date you mailed your registration, or the date you faxed it in, or the date you dropped it off in the OrigamiUSA office. FedEx, Priority Mail or other special handling is not necessary, and will provide no priority advantage.

In fairness to all methods of registration (dependent upon time zone, ability to get internet access, or proximity to the OrigamiUSA office), registrations with postmark dates on the first day of registration (or timestamps, for online registrations) are lotteried together. There are separate lotteries for each PCOC day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

Priority Ticketing for Teachers and Volunteers

If you are teaching or volunteering during class time, you may be eligible for priority ticketing.