PCOC 2017 is proud to announce the following special guests:

Seth Friedman

Seth Friedman first encountered origami at the age of six one day in the first grade. Then the discovery of Robert Harbin's Origami on his father's bookshelf ignited the flame of what would become a life-long passion. Seth has authored numerous books on origami, exhibited his work around the world, and received invitations to attend origami conventions in Spain, France, and Japan as Special Guest. In 2010 and 2016 he was the invited Yoshino Issei Special Guest at conventions in Nagoya and Kyushu, Japan. Seth focuses on designing realistic, complex and emotionally expressive pieces. He works daily to share the magic and wonder of origami with people all over the world.

Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson (UK/Israel) was an early member of the British Origami Society, and became a professional origami artist in 1982. Since then, he has written almost forty books, including a series that teaches folding techniques to designers. He is known for his simple, action models, as well as his exploration of unusual folding techniques, such as "crumpling," "one crease," "organic abstracts," and "minimal folding." His paper artworks are regularly exhibited in museums and galleries, including the recent "Above the Fold" exhibition in Los Angeles. After marrying Israeli Origami Center founder Miri Golan in 2000 he relocated to Israel. Together they've launched successful programs that use origami to bring Jewish and Palestinian children together, and to teach geometry in primary schools.

These two guests bring years of teaching and folding experience to our conference. If you have not reserved your room yet, now it the time. Don't miss taking a class with these two special people as well as classes offered by many other talented and experienced folders.