Friday Symposia (Lectures)

POPS, our local Community Origami Group (COG) sponsor, with OrigamiUSA, is offering four Friday Symposia (Lectures) that will be open to PCOC 2017 attendees AND the general public in Los Angeles. Our goal is to reach out and engage in other areas of interest and study that use origami in their endeavors. As a PCOC attendee you may see more unfamiliar faces around on Friday and it may bring some newbies to join us during the weekend. Please welcome them!

As a PCOC attendee, if you would like to attend these symposia, please sign up for Friday AM and/or PM classes when you register for PCOC 2017. You will be able to get tickets for these symposia as well as other classes offered only to PCOC attendees during the regular ticketing period on Friday morning. See the Class Previews for Friday for the other offerings. Note: the Early Bird Package (EBP) does NOT include Friday classes.

If you are not attending the full PCOC weekend and only want to sign up for the symposia, details about the Symposia lectures and signup are here.

Design Challenge

As you know, Los Angeles, birthplace of Hollywood, is the location of our conference this year.

The theme of our design challenge this year will be: HOLLYWOOD Movies- Movies-Celebrities-Icons associated with famous movies (like the Ruby Slippers)-Awards

And the award goes to... (insert YOUR NAME!)

You don’t have to attend PCOC 2017 to participate. See the Design Challenge for more information.

New Class Ticketing Process

There will be a modification to the ticketing process this year. It will affect only the physical tickets that are handed out by the ticketers each morning; it will not affect the rest of the morning ticketing process. See the Ticketing page for more details.