Live from Colombia! What could be better than origami? Origami and chocolate!

This is a new activity for PCOC. Maria Acosta from Colombia will be attending PCOC this year and would like to share this very popular activity they have at their conventions: Chocogami!

It’s a creation contest, and here are the instructions:

  • Open your chocolate very carefully to not break the paper!
  • Eat the chocolate - it is delicious.
  • Look at the card that is inside the chocolate.
  • You must create a model shown on a card inside your wrapper with the wrapper from the chocolate (not cuts!).
  • You can use both wrapping papers or just one.

This is a timed contest, so think fast and fold well! We will have a limited number of chocolate bars, so it will be first come, first served.

Here are a couple of examples: