These are the areas for which you can volunteer at PCOC 2023. We ask that you create a "Volunteer Identity" for yourself, which tells us about your interest and availability; you can do this easily by selecting the "Interested in Volunteering" option on your PCOC 2023 registration. If multiple people in your party are volunteering, please register each person and select "Interested in Volunteering" for each on their registration form.

Volunteering Areas

Below are the volunteer areas for PCOC 2023. Click on any link to see the available time slots for each task and/or to sign up for a time slot.


Area Coordinator: Lori Gregory. Responsibilities include oversight for the safety of the Exhibit. Volunteer will be present in the Market Square room during exhibit hours to ensure viewers do not touch or disturb the models on exhibit. This is an excellent opportunity for a parent/guardian volunteer.

There is 1 task in this area.

Check In

Area Coordinator-Komo Gauvreau and Jun Hamamoto. These volunteers are the faces first seen as people arrive and check in. Volunteers help set up the registration packets and Survival Kits on Thursday, and distribute to attendees as they check in on during check in hours.

There are 2 tasks in this area.

Silent Auction

Area Coordinator- Lisa Song. Silent Auction volunteers monitor the silent auction merchandise and answer questions for those who come to bid. This activity will require standing in the sales room, and assisting in the vendor area when activity with the silent auction is minimal.

There are 4 tasks in this area.

Model Menu

Model Menu volunteers are needed to help distribute model menu place cards in the correct day/time order and assist teachers to find the spot for their teaching model.

There is 1 task in this area.