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2024 Calendars Faye Goldman

Rhombic dodecahedron -
Pentagonal dodecahedron -

A new kind of origami design Peter Engel
Amazon Butterfly, Opus 854 Robert J. Lang Robert J. Lang
Astra Madura Gupta Jean Baden-Gillette

Published in The Fold Issue 73, November–December, 2022

Azteca Miyuki Kawamura Wendy Zeichner


Box and Gift box greeting Card Note by Shoko Aoyagi, box? Mae Dean Erb


Box Dogwood, Opus 803 Robert J. Lang Robert J. Lang
Braided Corona Star Maria Sinayskaya Pamela Miike

Buff Crane Maple Syrup Maple Syrup
Calypso Ekaterina Lukasheva Ekaterina Lukasheva
Chinese Vase (Verdi Vase) traditonal Susan Dugan

In multiple publications.
The Ultimate Paper Craft and Origami Book
Page 237-239

Columbus Cubes David Mitchell Richard Crawford

Crane Base Rose by Sakoda James M Sakoda Mark DeWolf-Ott

Origami Flowers by James M Sakoda

Crane Envelope Minako Ishibashi Ayumi Hayatsu

It is published in NOA Book called Tsuru no Origami.

Crane Flapping its Wings Tomoko Fuse Georgette Jenkins

Fabulous Modular Origami
Page 61-63

Crease Pattern Workshop Neel Dalela
Creating origami diagrams 101 Chris Alexander
Curves on pleats A: techniques Goran Konjevod Goran Konjevod

This hasn't been published yet.

Curves on pleats B: Circle Goran Konjevod Goran Konjevod

This has not been yet been published.

Cuttlefish and Octopus John Szinger John Szinger

Origami Animal Sculptures

Dollar Bit o' Georgies Glenn Sapaden Glenn Sapaden
Dollar Jack O'Lantern Glenn Sapaden Glenn Sapaden
Dollar Ring Box/Thing Box Glenn Sapaden Glenn Sapaden

Dome Box Tomoko Fuse Tomoko Fuse
Dove Michael Alcock June Sakamoto
Ellen's Star Sok Song Jean Baden-Gillette

Not published to my knowledge.

Eric Joisel's Pangolin Mariána Kizer
Fly Paper Ron Arruda

Plane, published as Concorde by Robert Harbin, in his Compendium, 1970.
Tube, published as Astro Tube, by Stephen Weiss in his Wings and Things, 1984.

Fold This Box: Roscoe Bradley Tompkins Bradley Tompkins

Fold This Box, Volume 2; Fold This Box, Volume 3

Folded Paper Greetings Traditional Edith Kort

There is online reference to ‘Turkish map fold’ and ‘Hungarian map fold’ as well as a book entitled ’Waterlily’ by Niko Silvester.

Folding Paper Puppets Lillian Oppenheimer Amy Anderson

Folding Paper Puppets, Lillian Oppenheimer and Shari Lewis; 1962. Stein and Day Publishers. Pages 24,32, 34, 37, and 52.

Framed Hypar Modern Traditional (Bauhaus), and Francis Ow / Tom Hull Anna Gladstone

Francis Ow's 60 Degree Unit:

Tom Hull's Five Intersecting Tetrahedra, another model that uses Ow's 60-degree unit:

Some background on the square Hypar (and related models):

More info specifically about Josef Albers, whose class (possibly a student or students) might have originated the hypar model:

Some photos of a rendition of just the square-based hypar:

Friendly Dragon Reza Nagree Reza Nagree
Futurica star (and kusudama) Ekaterina Pavlovic Ekaterina Lukasheva

some Origami Olimpiad brochure

Gentian Ayako Kawate Kathleen Sheridan


Green Sea Turtle, Opus 829 Robert J. Lang Robert J. Lang
Halibut William Gozali William Gozali

Hallowe'en Spider John Szinger John Szinger


Hanagasa Tomoko Fuse Tomoko Fuse
Heart Box Akiko Yamanashi Mae Dean Erb

Akiko Yamanashi. Origami Box Cute! Usable! Full of mysterious boxes!
山梨明子. オリガミ・ボックス かわいい! 使える! 不思議な箱がいっぱい! (Published February 10, 2016. Language: ‎Japanese)
ISBN-13 ‎978-4817082190

(I did have permission at one time. )

How to fold 10,000 birds Peter Engel Peter Engel
Introducing A Fold Simulation Language John Leung
Jachont Star Ekaterina Lukasheva Ekaterina Lukasheva
Jack in a Box by Max Hulme Mary Drews

BOS website
Origami USA The collection 1981
Eric Kennaway Complete Origami

Jack O' Lantern Chris Alexander Chris Alexander
Jewelry workshop Jan Polish
Junie the Cat Chris Alexander Chris Alexander

This model has not been published.

Kokeshi Box Hiromi Takagi Patricia Grodner

NOA Magazine 565 (2022)

Kokeshi Doll 2 Hiromi Takagi Patricia Grodner

NOA Magazine 565 (2022)

Lily flower bouquet session Erik Iancu Erik Iancu
Loop Saburo Kase June Sakamoto
Manta Ray Keenan Liou Collin Liou
Marigold Toshikazu Kawasaki Yuki Martin

The Greatest Dream Origami by Toshikazu Kawasaki (2009, Asahi Press, in Japanese)

Mette Ring Mette Pederson Jan Polish

Mette Units 4 - rings

Mijune’s dog Joseph Wu Joseph Wu
Mini quilt square - "Lucky" Rosemary Lyndall Wemm Rosemary Lyndall Wemm
Mini quilt: "Picture frame" Rosemary Lyndall Wemm Rosemary Lyndall Wemm
Modular Book Rona Gurkewitz Rona Gurkewitz

Trash Origami, La Fosse and Alexander

multi-angle view of folding Jason Liu, Hiram, Gavin Chen, Jason Feng, Alicia Liu, Beichen Qiao
Octagonal Star Pot, Opus 794 Robert J. Lang Robert J. Lang
One-Sheet Octagonal Container Karen Houston Karen Houston
Origami Crown Laura Kruskal Wendy Zeichner

Origami Magic Ball Originally called the Dragon's Egg, the Origami Magic Ball was designed by Yuri Shumakov. Samanyu Bhansali

2. - Jo Nakashima folding a Magic Ball

Origamish Design Adrienne Sack
Owl (Cute & Plump) Sarjit Singh Deb Pun

YouTube link will provided at end of day, after class.

Owl In Meditation Steve Tucker Steve Tucker

Not Published Yet

Painting paper for modulars Mel Sawyer
Peace Dove Alice Grey James Neef

"The Origami Handbook" by Rick Beech, pp 56, 57.

Peacock with body color change Taiko Niwa Linda Wong

Out of print Japanese publication.

Pentagonal Box Tomoko Fuse Tomoko Fuse
Pineapple Kevin Wong Kevin Wong


Prank toy: Snake in a Box Miguel F. Romero Miguel F. Romero
Principles of Kusudama Design Raymond Feng Raymond Feng

Online YouTube (

Prismatic #1, #2 Linda Mihara Linda Mihara

Not published.

Rat Hat and Bug Hat Bernie Peyton Bernard Peyton

Rat Hat: Advanced Origami Hats and Gifts; 2022, Nicolas Terry (Publ.), Pp. 44-47.

Bug Hat: Advanced Origami Hats and Gifts; 2022, Nicolas Terry (Publ.), Pp. 63-65.

Realistic Orchids Workshop Mariána Kizer
Sea Lion Jared Needle Jared Needle
Secrets of the omega star Shen/Sullivan Jan Polish

Several places

Shinmei Torii Jun Maekawa James Peake

"The Art & Science of Geometric Origami", p. 54-55

Skull Mask Kunihiko Kasahara James Peake

"Creative Origami", p. 130

Snail Shiri Daniel Allison Wang


Snowflake Medallion Anita Reinehr Anita Reinehr
Spiraled Square Ilan Garibi Karen Buse
Squirrel! Jason Schneider Jason Schneider
Starlight Janet Yelle Janet Yelle

There’s a video in the OUSA video vault at

Stern Franziska Carmen Sprung Mae Dean Erb

Carmen Sprung

Sun Maria Acosta Maria Acosta
Tato Brooch Mariko Miyamoto Mariko Miyamoto


Tetrahedron Vertex Unit, Opus 856 Robert J. Lang Robert J. Lang
The Magic Trouble-wit A clever magician from the distant past… Darryl Bedford
The Warbler Jason Schneider Jason Schneider

Origami Memories

Tulip Garden Meenakshi Mukerji Meenakshi Mukerji

Origami All Kinds: Single Sheet and Modular Designs

Two-Dollar Crane and Lily, Opp. 830, 831 Robert J. Lang Robert J. Lang
Weathered Shells Tomoko Fuse Tomoko Fuse
Wild Rose 2 Meenakshi Mukerji Meenakshi Mukerji
Winged figures Kunihiko Kasahara Joshua Crawford

Origami Omnibus: Paper Folding for Everybody

Woven Box Traditional Arlene Gorchov
Zentangled Origami Butterfly Lisa Hoesing