Volunteer Registration for this event is currently closed. Thank you to all the volunteers who applied for these roles.

There will be the opportunity for many people to teach at Convention 2021. To handle the large number of online classes, we will need 3 volunteers to cover each class (in addition to the teacher). The roles we are searching for are:

  • Tech Manager
  • Q&A Manager
  • Moderator

You can be a Teacher at the online Convention and also volunteer for one of these roles.

Requirements for All Positions

  • A laptop or desktop computer (a mobile device like a tablet or phone will not have all the functionality needed).
  • Reliable internet access capable of handling video.
  • A phone or other device to send/receive texts during the event.
  • A willingness to learn and adapt to new technology.
  • Responsive to emails (within 24 hours).
  • Good communication skills and ability to give good customer service. 
  • Able to keep calm under pressure.
  • Positive attitude.

Tech Manager Responsibilities

Additional requirement for this role: Experience with Zoom functionality, including troubleshooting. You do not need to be a paperfolder to serve in this role.

Before the convention: Participate in Tech Manager training sessions and rehearsals.

During the class:

  • Arrive early and confirm set-up with teacher for camera, microphone, folding surface and lighting.
  • Control spotlighting.
  • Start and stop recordings.
  • Troubleshoot issues.

Q&A Manager Responsibilities

This role must be held by a paperfolder.

Before the convention:

  • Participate in Q&A Manager training sessions.

During the class:

  • Answer questions by typing into the chat or Q&A.
  • Identify questions that the moderator can answer live.
  • Create and manage Polls (e.g. Are we ready to move to the next step?)
  • Provide encouragement to attendees.
  • Ensure that attendees are adhering to our Online Code of Conduct.

Moderator Responsibilities

This role must be held by a paperfolder.

Before the convention:

  • Participate in Moderator training sessions and setup rehearsals.

During the class: 

  • Introduce the Teacher and yourself. You will have your camera on for this part and be included in the recording.
  • Keep an eye on the chat to decide which questions to answer live.
  • Communicate with the Teacher during the class to ask questions and requests for repeats. (Your microphone will be on and your voice recorded.)
  • Fold the model during the class to help the teacher know when they are going too fast (or slow).
  • Ask the Q&A Manager to put up a Poll if needed.
  • Communicate with Q&A manager & Tech manager (via text) as needed.

Apply to Volunteer

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Volunteering for Convention 2021 is now closed.