The success of the OrigamiUSA Convention depends upon our volunteer teachers! If you have any questions, please contact us at convention-teaching [at]

Register to Teach a Class

You must register for Convention before you can apply to teach.

The deadline to register to teach is May 14, 2021, 11:00pm EDT.

Remember that we must have the creators' permission to teach their designs. If you need help with getting permissions, please indicate this on your teaching form and we will do our best to help with this task.

Note that photos are required and that the classes for all three days will be mixed between models, lectures, demonstrations and panels. There is no longer the rigid restriction of models on Saturday and Sunday, all other classes on Monday.

These forms are for those who know what they want to teach. If you would like to teach but are unsure of the specifics, take a look at what people have taught at past Conventions. For further ideas or discussion, please contact us at convention-teaching [at]

Teaching an Online Class

Requirements for Teaching

  • You should have a device with a camera and microphone that work with Zoom (it could be a mobile device).
  • You should be comfortable presenting online in Zoom.

After we have received your request to teach, we will contact you to schedule a technical check of your equipment set-up.

Criteria for Class Selection

Unfortunately, we may not be able to accommodate every request to teach. This is the list of criteria we will use to select classes:

  • Balancing the schedule based on model type and level.
  • Limitations due to the number of Zoom rooms we can set up based on the number of volunteers available.
  • Everything will be recorded and the recordings will be added to our video library. We may give priority to:
    • Newly created models;
    • Teachers that we do not have recorded;
    • Classic models for which there are no OrigamiUSA recorded videos.
  • We will be more inclined to choose classes where there is not:
    • A good YouTube video available for the model.
    • An OrigamiUSA recording of this class.

After you have made your submission, the teaching team will contact you to review your setup.

Once we have reviewed all the information for your class and completed a technical check of your equipment, your class will appear on the Class Preview page in no particular order and will be queued for further scheduling. Classes will be scheduled into specific times and Zoom rooms by June 15; at that time, the final Class Schedule will be filled and posted.

Your Teaching Submissions

  • Registration to teach at Convention 2021 is now closed.