Classes will be in multiple Zoom rooms; your registration fee lets you choose to attend any class in any room. You won't need to select individual classes in advance; you can attend any classes you like.

Since most classes are taught by people who have proposed a class, we won't be able to post a schedule until we've seen what people are offering (so submit your class teaching early!):

Zoom links for all classes will be available three ways:

  • An email will be sent to all registered attendees on June 23 containing Zoom links for all of the rooms. This email will also contain a PDF with the class schedule and the supplies needed for each class.
  • The class schedule for each session (which are linked from the overall schedule) will contain Zoom links for each room. You will need to be logged into your website account to see the Zoom links.
  • Each individual class page will also display the Zoom link for the room that the class is in. As with the schedule links, you will need to be registered and logged into your website account to see the Zoom links.

Note that multiple classes are in each room; if you join a room at a time other than when the class is running, there may be a different class in the room. Please be quiet and respectful if you join a room early and something else is going on.