Priority Ticketing is designed to compensate teachers and other volunteers who have donated hours that could otherwise be used to attend classes. That means you must be volunteering or teaching:

  • During class hours (10am-12noon, 2pm-5pm), and
  • On a day when you are registered to attend with classes

In addition to the two requirements above, certain other criteria must be met. Some of these apply to teachers and other volunteers; some apply to teachers only. If you are either a teacher or a volunteer, you will qualify for Priority Ticketing if:

  • You have registered for Convention by June 6.
  • If you teach and/or volunteer one hour during class time on a day when you are attending with classes, you are eligible for Priority Ticketing for that one day.
  • If you teach and/or volunteer two hours during class time on days you are attending with classes, you are eligible for Priority Ticketing for all days you are attending with classes.

For teachers only:

  • You must commit to your teaching assignment (i.e., submit your teaching form or forms) at least two weeks prior to convention.
  • Your model for display on the Model Menu must be available in the Hospitality Area no later than 5:00pm on Friday afternoon. If your travel plans do not allow you to deliver your model by then, please mail it to the OrigamiUSA office so that it arrives by the Monday before convention. Mark the box "Model Menu" and mail it to OrigamiUSA, 15 West 77 Street, New York, NY 10024.

If you have met the criteria outlined above and feel you should have received a Priority Ticketing form, ask the people at the Information Desk to double check for you.

If you are eligible for Priority Ticketing, your form will be waiting for you at the Model Menu intake area on Friday if you are a teacher delivering your model. Otherwise, the form will be at the Information Desk in the Hospitality Area.

Please note that only a limited number of priority tickets for each class will be available, and teachers/volunteers requesting this priority will also have their forms filled in order based on the ticketing sequence number they received based on their "postmark" date. A class cannot be "sold out" by Priority Ticketing before the regular Ticketing Process begins. So it is important to put second choices on your ticketing priority form.

Priority Ticketing forms must be filled out and returned to the Information Desk by midnight on the night before. Saturday forms are due Friday night, Sunday forms are due Saturday night and Monday forms are due Sunday night. Tickets can be picked up at the Information Desk during the Ticketing Process (8:30am – 9:40am).