We bring the Reference Library to you! Well, some of it anyway. The OrigamiUSA Reference Library contains mostly hard-to-find, foreign or out-of-print books from our collection. For those of you who do not live in proximity to the Home Office, we are offering the opportunity to for you to request a Reference Library book to be brought to Convention.

We will do our best to provide what you ask for. However, the Library Committee must review your request since some books are too fragile to travel.

Here are the books available in the library:

Please note the call number as well as the book title and author as you will need them to fill out the form below (one form per book):

  • Requests from the Reference Library are now closed.

The book you requested will be available for you at the Information Desk in Hospitality during class times (10am -11:45am and 2pm - 4:45pm). You must read it at a designated table near the Information Desk

The following restrictions will apply:

  • No books can leave the room at any time.
  • No food will be allowed on the table.
  • One book per person at a time.
  • Nothing on the table except the book, a pencil, note/origami paper, and your digital camera or laptop.
  • Archival gloves for handling anything old/irreplaceable.

While stringent, these rules are to protect the collection, and we trust that everyone will understand the need for them.