Ticketing Process

In order to attend classes, you must obtain tickets during the morning ticketing period. This takes place from 8:30am – 9:40am on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. To get your tickets, you should plan to be in the Hospitality Area at 8:00am to listen for your ticket number.

Before you get on the Ticketing line, review the Schedule you received in your Survival Kit and look at the Model Menu to see samples of the models to be taught. You will be given a ticketing form (example here) on which you can enter your class choices. You should have a good idea of what your first, second and third choices are. As you wait for your number to be called, listen for the announcements on Sold-Out Classes, and adjust your choices accordingly. If you need additional forms, the line monitors will have them available.

When your number is called, you will get in the queue, in order by number, to get your tickets. You will give your completed form, with first and second choices, to the Ticketer when you get to the front. The Ticketer will select your tickets and give them to you.

Once the ticketing process is over (at 9:40am), remaining tickets will be available on the ticketing board. You can get or switch your tickets there any time during the rest of the day.

Questions? Please see our Frequently Asked Questions on Convention Ticketing.

Ticketing Number Assignment

Your best chance of getting a low ticketing number is to register early. Ticket numbers are assigned based on your "postmark" date, which is either the date you registered online or the date you mailed your registration, or the date you faxed it in, or the date you dropped it off in the OrigamiUSA office. FedEx, Priority Mail or other special handling is not necessary, and will provide no priority advantage.

In fairness to all methods of registration (dependent upon time zone, ability to get internet access, or proximity to the OrigamiUSA office) the first days' batch of "postmark" dates received are lotteried together. There are separate lotteries for each Convention day (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday).

Priority Ticketing for Teachers & Volunteers

If you are teaching or volunteering during class time, you may be eligible for Priority Ticketing. Details are available here.