Origami Convention 2017 will be held at St. John's University, located in Queens, NY, June 23–26. U.S. residents must be current members of OrigamiUSA to attend the Annual Convention, but you can join when you register: join or renew your membership here. International (non-U.S.) attendees do not have to be members.

For more information about your trip to New York City, please click here for Travel Information or on the Travel menu item to the left.

Early registration for the Convention and housing at St. John's University is essential. Please click here for Registration Information and Accommodations Information or on the menu items to the left.

If you are interested in Volunteering, Teaching or Exhibiting at the 2017 Convention, please click here for Volunteering Information, here for Teaching Information, or here for Exhibition Information or on the menu items to the left and fill out the forms to let us know what you would like to do, teach or bring.

For the complete list of the times for Convention activities, please click here or on the Hours menu item to the left.

If you have some general questions, please contact us by email at admin [at] origamiusa.org or contact us in the Home-Office at 212-769-5635.

Downloadable Registration Forms

If you would rather print out and mail your registration forms, you can download them here.

Mail-in registration for Convention is now closed.

Return your completed registration and/or vendor forms to OrigamiUSA, 15 West 77 Street, New York,NY 10024-5192. If you include an email address, you will receive your registration confirmation by email. Otherwise, we will mail it to you.

Return your completed housing forms to Martha Winslow-Cole, 5222 Duck Springs Road, Attalla, AL 35954. Please include a self-addressed, stamped, business-size envelope if you want a written housing confirmation, or your email address if you would prefer an electronic confirmation. Note that "Sorry I can't Attend" kits are purchased through The Origami Source.


Considering attending Origami Convention for the first time? Get lots of helpful First Timer Information here. If you have some general questions, please contact us by email at convention-firsttimer-info [at] origamiusa.org or contact us in the Home-Office at 212-769-5635.

Registration Requirements for Exhibition, Teaching

As has long been the case, if you wish to teach or exhibit at Convention, you must register as an attendee (even if you are not taking classes). We highly encourage all attendees to register using the online system (you must be logged into your website account to do so). You can, however, register using downloadable paper forms via mail. In that case, though, it will take a few days for your registration to be processed before you will be able to register online for exhibition and/or teaching

On-Line Teaching Preview, Schedule and Model Menu

As classes are entered, they are set up in an online preview with photos. The final online schedule will also have pictures. More information here.

Volunteer System

Volunteering is a critical part of our convention. You can select your own tasks and time slots via our online Volunteer Sign-up System. See here for more information.

Suggest Classes

Is there a model you’d like to learn? Or are you a teacher looking for ideas? Check our Suggest Classes page.

Sorry Kit

Sorry Kits, Collections, and T-shirts for non-attendees are sold through The Origami Source. See here for more information.

Guardian Rules

Room capacities dictate that we must limit the number of guardians who accompany under-age children or people with disabilities. Each person in need of a guardian or aide will receive one Guardian badge that can be used by multiple people, one at a time. This means that if, for example, Mother wants to come on Saturday and Father on Sunday, they can each use the same badge. You won't have to fill out an additional form for the Guardians; just check the box on the Attendee Registration form and add the names (and cell phones) of the people who will be using the badge. If you are a NON-FOLDER who wishes to volunteer at the convention for two or more hours per day, please fill out the staff registration form. Remember that Guardians cannot join students in classrooms unless both are registered to attend classes.

Annual Meeting and Voting

The Annual Meeting is an opportunity to learn more about our organization. The meeting takes place in two parts. The first part is held in the Hospitality Area from 12:15 pm–1:45 pm on Saturday and is used for voting only. An Election Committee member will be at the Information Desk to confirm your eligibility to vote and give you a ballot. For more information about our election process including our preferred use of proxy ballots, please visit the elections page or contact the Elections Committee at elections [at] origamiusa.org. The results of the election are announced at the end of the second part of the meeting.

The second part of the meeting is held on Saturday from 5:30pm–6:30pm. This includes reports from the Board and Operating Committee members on all the activities of OrigamiUSA. Come for the entire meeting and you will be eligible for a door prize!

Survival Kit

Everyone gets one—lots of paper and a variety of informative materials. Do you have any (non-commercial) information you would like us to include? Contact us in the Home-Office before the end of May.


We’ve clarified the rules for consignments.

Other Activities

There are several activities going on during the convention organized by members. More information here.

The Origami Collection

The Origami Collection is our annual book publication. Every year OrigamiUSA publishes a book of diagrams for the latest creations by folders from around the world. It normally has in excess of 50 diagrams and 200–250 pages. For pick-up at Convention, order it with your Attendee Registration. If you cannot attend, you can order the Collection through the "Sorry I Can't Attend" page.

T-Shirt Reservations

You can order T-shirts in advance, and they'll be waiting for you, size guaranteed, at The Origami Source. For pick-up at Convention, order them with your Attendee Registration. If you cannot attend, you can order T-shirts through the "Sorry I Can't Attend" page.

Airplane Contest

Check out this fun Sunday lunchtime event.

Convention Pros

Experienced convention attendees know to look for ribbons on name tags to help identify the wearer: First Timers in yellow, and Board Members and Convention Committee Members in red. We're looking for Convention Pros, people who've been coming to convention for years, and are willing to help if someone has a question. If you're interested in being a Convention Pro, please check the appropriate box on the registration form.

Convention Monday

Monday is a special day at Origami Convention 2017! It will be a full day of lectures, demonstrations and workshops. Previous topics have included: using origami in education or therapy, teaching origami, reading diagrams, jewelry making, wet folding, backcoating, folding miniatures, greeting cards, photographing origami, flower construction, decorating paper, diagramming, papermaking, preserving models, paper size determination, how to self-publish, developing regional groups, design and creativity.

In addition, we might have sessions on learning or improving the folding skills that will help you to move from simple to intermediate models, or from intermediate to complex. Saturday and Sunday continue to be a mix of models and techniques, but Monday will exclude classes which teach models using traditional origami paper. Individual classes may also require special materials fees.

The specific classes offered will, of course, depend on our volunteer teachers. Convention Monday will be what you make it! If you are interested in teaching or presenting, please fill out the Monday teaching form.

Please note that The Origami Source, Consignments, Silent Auction and Exhibition Area will not be open on Monday.

Forgot Something?

Often attendees contact us to add something they forgot in their original registration such as a T-Shirt, a Collection, or a meal. To facilitate these add-ons, we have added a new registration form where you can sign up for these additional items. Please note that you must be logged in under the same website account that you used to register. This page is only for additions, not to change things from your original registration (e.g. a T-shirt size); for that you still need to email us at convention-registration [at] origamiusa.org.

Silent Auction

The Silent Auction is a venue for rare, unusual and valuable items. More information here.