If you would like to arrange a shared ride with other convention attendees to or from St. John's University, please post or reply to a comment here. You could do this using a car service or your own car (parking is available at St. John's).

Please note that OrigamiUSA will not be matching you with others who want to share a ride. You will need to make contact with the people who post and make arrangements for yourselves.

In your comments, please include the following information:

  • Date and time you are hoping to share a ride.
  • Where you are coming from? Going to?
  • Do you have a car?
  • Do you need a ride or are you offering a ride?
  • Do you want to share a car service like Uber, Lyft, other?

Please also post contact information and the best way to reach you, e.g., email, Facebook, or other. Comments are only visible to people who have signed in to a website account; they are not visible to the wide world of web-crawlers and indexing robots. However, there are thousands of website accounts, so there's still a fair amount of visibility. Keep that in mind when posting contact information. If you're worried about posting any contact info at all, Google and others make it fairly easy to set up "throwaway" email accounts for such purposes.

You are also invited to post ridesharing requests and/or offers on the OrigamiUSA members' mailing list, which you can subscribe to here. Please read the procedural and posting guidelines before making a post.


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