The first Origami Pin Exchange debuted in 2012 at the annual OrigamiUSA Convention and was hosted by Sok Song. It was a phenomenal success and has grown steadily every year.

In 2016 Shrikant Iyer added a new dimension to this trade... a "PLUS" (to include all things origami, not just pins) as a way to honor the spirit of sharing that comes with origami.

Express yourself with your PinsPLUS-tastic artwork! Anything goes! Lots of fun and blings along the way! Imagine the look on the face of a "first-timer" or anyone when they receive one of these special treats. Come share and/or trade with us.

The number of PinsPLUS artworks you create is up to you; make as many or as few as you want. The more you make, the more you get to trade. Making PinsPLUS is about making our origami visible and bringing people into the fold!!!

People can trade informally (which we do anyway) everywhere and anywhere we want. However, a formal gathering will be arranged on Saturday June 24th at 5:00 pm in room MAR139.

For those "Origami Angels" who will not be able to attend this year's convention but would like share their origami treats (asking for nothing in return), you may mail them to us and we will distribute them for you. Please email for address (see contacts below).

Please join the Facebook page to see and post sneak-peeks of our PInsPLUS-derful creations. More information about this trade (as it comes in) will be posted here and on the Facebook page. But please feel free to spread the world on all forms of social media.

If you have any questions or would like to add something, contact Shrikant Iyer (shrikant.iyer [at] or Margaret Wong (engcocards [at]