OrigamiUSA is grateful to the sponsors for the 2017 Convention.

The OrigamiUSA Convention has over 500 attendees, over 100 non-folding guardians, and many visitors to our Exhibition. We come together to share in the joy of paperfolding and encourage growth in this emerging art form with applications in Science, Technology, Education, Math, and Therapy.

If you are interested in providing sponsorship for our Convention, please contact our President/CEO Wendy Zeichner at wendy.zeichner [at] origamiusa.org.

Taro’s Origami Studio is a Foil Level Sponsor

Taro's Origami Studio

Taro's Origami Studio's vision is to make origami accessible for new and experienced folders alike. Blending modern technology with ancient technique, we focus on the importance of basic folds and understanding the diagramming system. Our space offers papers, books, classes, events, and parties. This year, Taro's is excited to attend and sponsor the 2017 convention.

American Museum of Natural History is a Paper Level Sponsor


For more than 40 years the American Museum of Natural History has housed the headquarters of OrigamiUSA and has partnered with the organization to present the beloved annual Origami Holiday Tree. This year, the Museum is proud to be a sponsor of the 2017 convention and wishes all the attendees a fun and productive time!

Other Sponsors

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In-kind Donations

Jong Ie Nara

Jongie Nara provided special papers for the Convention Survival kits distributed to all Convention attendees, as well as prizes for the Oversized Folding event.

Set Shop Set2set

Setshop provided the Seamless Setpaper used for our Oversized Folding event. They also have rolls of other types of paper suitable for folding.