OrigamiUSA's Annual Convention 2018 will be held June 22–25, 2018, at St. John's University in Queens, New York. We hope you will join us again at this great location; please see the descriptive and registration pages from the menu on the left, especially At a Glance, What's New, and General information. If you still have questions, please contact us at convention-info [at], or call our office at 212-769-5635.

If you'd like to see the extraordinary exhibition held in conjunction with our convention, you can download this flyer for more information.


The complete convention experience includes:

  • Survival Kit with tote bag full of origami paper and other goodies
  • OrigamiUSA 2018 Origami Collection (book of diagrams)
  • OrigamiUSA 2018 T-shirt
  • Friday Open House
  • Saturday & Sunday classes
  • Sunday evening Oversize Folding Event
  • Monday classes and presentations
  • Monday night dinner

Annotated Maps of the Campus

Below are several annotated St. John’s University campus maps to help you find your way to the Convention’s key locations by walking, driving, commuting, or using the on-campus golf carts we’ll be providing to help those who prefer not to walk from one campus site to another.

Getting there by public transportation or car

Here is a map showing bus stops, the location of the parking garage, the entry gates, and the key locations for the Convention.

Getting around the campus

Here is a map showing the primary walking paths from the garage and the bus stops to key Convention locations and from one Convention location to another.

If you have accessibility issues

For those who prefer not to walk, we will be providing three 5-seater golf carts traveling regularly between the bus stops and the parking and convention areas. Here is a map showing the golf cart routes.

Housing registration

Here is a map identifying the locations and walking and driving routes for housing check-in.

Special Guests

Viviane Berty

Viviane Berty is a French folder, former President of the MFPP (the French origami society). She is a prolific artist, who has created over 200 models since her first one in 2012. While she hasn’t published books on her own, her models have been included in books and association collections around the world. Her work was featured in several exhibitions, including Into the Folds and Mujeres de Papel. You can see samples of her elegant models on Flickr.

Akiko Yamanashi

Akiko Yamanashi, from Japan, has been folding since she was 5 and has been creating models for over 25 years. Her first creation was a wallet that would open with a twist, just like an actual wallet. In particular she likes action models that move or can be played with, as well as practical one like boxes - models that people would want to fold again and again. Her book Origami Box is one of the most popular at The Origami Source.