Give Some, Take Some

We are pleased to announce the availability of an origami exchange table at the 2018 Origami USA Convention in New York. The idea is simple: give some, take some. No pressure. No restrictions.

The table will be available on Saturday and Sunday during Convention. Look for the "Origami to Go" sign in the Hospitality area.

Please limit contributions to origami-related items such as finished origami models, used origami books, printed diagrams, papers, origami supplies, clear containers, etc. No junk please.

If you bring something and no one takes it, you must take it back or dispose of it. Any unclaimed leftovers will be trashed on Sunday evening.

This is purely a community exchange and an exciting way of making new connections.

Ground Rules:

  • The table will be set up on Friday night and taken down on Sunday evening.
  • Items must be related to origami and of interest to the origami community.
  • Items will be displayed based on space availability and will be dispersed over the two days.
  • It is not necessary to bring something to take anything and vice versa.
  • Small donations are welcome and will be used to fund future projects.
  • Be considerate to others and avoid taking excessively.
  • Please keep the table neat and organized.
  • This is a community project and the collective responsibility of everyone.
  • Suggestions/comments are always welcome.

This past year, we lost three outstanding members of our community. In the memory of Yami Yamauchi, Mark Kennedy, and Sunil Dhavalikar, we will also have a second table for folks to give and take some memories of these great men. Please feel free to give (and/or take!) any of the following:

  • Sunil Dhavalikar: modulars, or any models that Sunil taught you
  • Yami Yamauchi: some of your favorite Yami models
  • Mark Kennedy: some of the pins and/or magnets made by Mark

We will also have a poster board where you can add photos and stories of Yami, Mark, or Sunil.

This memorial table will still hold to the same "Give Some, Take Some" process, so there is no pressure to give or take anything. However, all models and pins left on the memorial table, will NOT be trashed at the end of the convention.

For more information contact Arlene Gorchov and Charu Dhavalikar at convention-to-go [at]