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OrigamiUSA's Annual Convention 2018 pages are under construction. Up through the month of April we'll be updating these pages from last year's versions. During construction, any page with this legend on it may be a mixture of old and new information. We expect to go live (and take down the signs) in early May.

Convention 2018 Registration

This page contains important information about convention registration. Please read through it all. Online and downloadable registration forms are at the bottom.

If you have registered but would like to add meals, an Annual Collection, and/or T-shirts to your already-completed registration, use the form on this page.


U.S. residents must be a current member to attend the Annual Convention. We really appreciate the effort and expense that's involved for our International attendees to come to the OrigamiUSA convention, so the membership requirement is waived for them.

if you want to register online (links below), you must have a web account (with full address filled in) and be logged in to it. If you are a U.S. resident and aren't a member (or your membership has expired), you'll need to renew your membership and, if necessary, create a web account before you can register.

In order for us to properly process your convention forms, you must be logged into a web account that is connected to your OrigamiUSA membership.

  • If you have a web account and know your password:
    Log into it and then come back to this page (if you keep this page open, you should refresh it after you log in).
  • If you are not yet a member: You can sign up for membership here and then immediately create a web account, sign in, and register for convention.
  • If you joined recently but have not yet established a web account:
    If you gave us an email address, then you can create your own web account right now by registering at this link. Just make sure you register using the same email address that you used for membership.
  • If you're a member and had an email address on file with us as of November 2010:
    A web account was created for you when we established this system. You should have received a letter about it with your user name and password back then. If you have that information, you can log in at the link above. If you've forgotten your username or password, you can request a login link be sent to your email of record, which will allow you to login, see your username, and change your password to something new.
  • If you have a membership but don't remember what email address you used for it:
    Send an email with your name, address, and membership number to admin [at] and we'll tell you what email address you used—or, if you like, we'll change your email address to a new one. You'll have to wait till you hear back before you can register online, but we'll try to reply quickly.
  • If you have a membership but never gave us an email address:
    You can email your name, address, and membership number to admin [at] We'll enter the email address into your record and email you back, at which point you can create your own web account and then proceed with registration.
  • If you'd prefer not to establish a web account, or cannot follow these instructions:
    You can download all of the forms, print them out, and send them in via post. Remember that the date of record for your forms is your postmark date, not the receipt date in the OrigamiUSA office.

Registration Information

Early registration is essential for our planning purposes. Our pricing schedule therefore encourages early sign-up. On-site registration will be available, but at additional cost. You can register either online using our secure server or by filling out and mailing or faxing paper forms.

If you plan to teach a class, we need you to register early so we can plan the class schedule. See Priority Ticketing for deadlines and eligibility details. If you plan to take classes, early registration will make it more likely that you'll get a low Ticketing number and your first choice classes during our morning Ticketing period. A full description of the class Ticketing process and the assignment of Ticketing numbers is available here.

You can come to the Convention and just hang out in Hospitality if you'd like, and participate in informal teaching. Or, for an additional fee, you can attend classes. You can even come one day and attend classes, and come another without attending classes.

Payment for attendance without classes includes access to all Convention areas except classes, plus Survival Kit. You can add classes at the last minute, on-site, but you will have to pay the difference between the classes and no-classes prices. In addition, remember that your ticketing priority number is assigned when you purchase the classes, so if you wait until you arrive at Convention, your ticketing priority number will be very high.

All minors must identify a guardian on their registration form. Non-folding guardians of under-age children may register without charge, as may non-folders who are accompanying a person with disabilities. Each person in need of a guardian or aide will receive one Guardian badge that can be used by multiple people, one at a time. This means that if, for example, Mother wants to come on Saturday and Father on Sunday, they can each use the same badge. You won't have to fill out an additional form for the Guardians; just check the box on the Attendee Registration form and add the names (and cell phones) of the people who will be using the badge. However, please remember that Guardians cannot join students in classrooms unless both are registered to attend classes.

If, however, you are a non-folder who wishes to volunteer at the convention, and is willing to commit to two hours or more per day, please fill out the Staff registration form below and send an email to event-volunteering [at] and we will contact you.

If you want to order a 2018 Origami Collection, you'll get a lower price by ordering it with your registration. If you want to order a T-shirt, you should order it with your registration so you can be assured of getting the size you want (it will be waiting for you at The Source).

It you are staying at St. John's University Housing, meals are included. If you are not staying at St. John's University, please add the meals you want on the registration form.

Last-Minute Notifications

It is not uncommon for us to have to send out last-minute notifications via email (sometimes St. John's springs suprises on us). Please check your email during the days leading up to convention! Note that if you have selected "No broadcast emails" in your Privacy settings, you won't receive these.

Cancellation Policy


  • Cancel on or before June 17: full refund
  • Cancel after June 17: No monetary refund but we'll send you a Sorry Kit


  • Cancel on or before June 1: full refund
  • Cancel after June 1: refund only if we can re-assign your room

Registration for Folders

Every folder must register using this form, even if you are only volunteering or teaching.

  • Online registration for Convention will open on May 8, 2018

Meals for Non-Folding Companions

Meals for Friday dinner through Monday lunch for non-folding companions (guardians or aides) who are not staying in St. John’s housing can be ordered using the following form. (If they are staying in St. John's housing, their meals will be included.)

  • Online registration for non-folder meals at Convention will open on May 8, 2018

Registration for Staff

Non-folders who wish to commit to volunteering at least two hours per day, please fill out this form.

  • Online registration for Convention will open on May 8, 2018