We’re back at St. John's University in Queens, New York, which is easily accessed from public transportation and easily navigable. The venue is handicapped-accessible and can be reached from handicap-accessible public transportation. The terrain is primarily flat, with a few inclined areas and minimal stairs to climb along the walking paths. For those who prefer not to walk, we will be providing three 5-seater golf carts traveling regularly between bus stops, parking and convention areas. To ensure that the carts are available when you need them—especially at off-hours when they may not be making a full circuit—you can request one by calling the Convention Hotline: 646-770-4907.

These are the primary convention areas:

  • St. Louise de Marillac Hall (Marillac): Hospitality on Saturday and Sunday and most classrooms.
  • D'Angelo Center (DAC): Sales, Exhibition, Public Access and Teaching, Hospitality on Monday and some classrooms.
  • Montgoris Dining Hall: Meals for those who elect to dine at the school—must be pre-arranged during registration.
  • Century Hall: Housing.

See the Travel page for more information about location and access. There you will see several versions of the campus maps, showing MTA bus stops, major walking paths between the primary convention areas, and the routes assigned to the golf carts.

Online Advance Ticketing

This year we introduce the new online advance ticketing process! You will be able to request your classes online in the weeks before Convention. Then a personalized class schedule will be produced on this website well before Convention. A hard copy of your schedule will also be available on site at Convention. For lots more information, please review the Taking Classes page and the FAQ page.


This year we have been assigned a new dorm ( Century Hall), directly across the way from the dining hall. The room configurations differ from last year’s.

Another significant change is that you will have the option on the housing registration form to request the bed height to be lower than the standard 33.5 inches. We will also be providing a limited number of step stools, available at the dorm.

If you’re planning on staying at St. John’s, please read the Accommodations page very carefully.

Convention Access Summary

Current members who are not registered for Origami Convention 2018 are welcome to visit the Sales Areas or the Exhibition at any time Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Please stop at the D’Angelo Center (DAC) first to obtain a temporary nametag for access to those areas only. Free parking is available. Remember that you must be registered as an Attendee to enter the Hospitality Area.

Parents or guardians who require access to the site to pick-up or deliver members must be listed as a Guardian on the Attendee's registration form. Only one Guardian badge per underage attendee will be issued.

Non-members, including family and friends of members, may visit the public areas (Sales and Exhibition) on Saturday or Sunday from 10:00 am to 4:45 pm. Admission is free.

Van Service to and from Manhattan

We know that it isn’t simple to travel by Public Transit to St. John’s, so we’re excited to announce that we are introducing van service on Saturday and Sunday at 7:30 am and 7:00 pm. The vans will make stops near Port Authority, Penn Station and Grand Central, and then travel directly to St. John’s. You must make arrangements for tickets in advance, so we know how many vans and seats to provide. The cost will be $7.00 per ride.

See the Travel page under “Getting to St. John’s” for more details.

Local Car Service

We’ve made arrangements with Kelly’s Car Service to be our recommended local car service. If you need transportation to/from St. John’s for public transportation, restaurants, shopping, etc., please give them a call. Our contacts at St. John’s speak highly of them, and Kelly’s assures us that their rates for local trips are better than Uber, etc.

See the Travel page under “Getting to St. John’s” for more details.

Ride Sharing Board

This new page provides a method for prospective ride sharers and carpoolers from all over the greater NY area who are planning to commute to St. John’s to connect with each other.

Credit Cards Accepted

In addition to the usual Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal, Discover Card and American Express may now be used pre-convention for registration; all four credit cards (but not PayPal) may be used during convention for Source purchases.

Survival Kit Changes

Buttons and foil paper will no longer be included in the survival kits. However, foil paper will be available at the Info Desk in Hospitality for anyone who needs it at Convention.

Filming First Timers and Teaching Skills Sessions

In addition to the usual Friday night sessions (see Hours page for times and locations), we will be creating videos before Convention. They will be available for viewing online; links will be posted here when ready.