The convention site (Friday evening through Monday) will be on the campus of St. John's University.

Before You Come

First, of course, don't forget to register for the convention! And if you want to stay in the St. John's University dorms, register for housing, as well. Also see the links in the menu to the left.

Here are some suggestions for pre-trip preparations.

Entering the U.S.

If you are coming from outside the United States, remember that customs and immigration processes at U.S. ports of entry have become increasingly strict. Here are some important details.

Getting to NYC

New York City is served by three major airports (JFK, Newark, LaGuardia) as well as numerous train and bus lines. Here is information on all of these options.

Getting to St. John's

There are several ways to get to St. John's once you are in NYC. Each is covered in detail below. This annotated map shows the campus and the primary bus stop stations and garage locations referenced in the following sections, along with the main convention areas. Are you:

Getting Around the St. John's Campus

The St. John's campus is easily navigable on foot. The primary convention areas are in buildings that are quite close to each other, easily reached by short walks.

For those who prefer not to walk, we will be providing three 5-seater golf carts traveling regularly between the bus stops and the parking and convention areas.

Details on both options are here.

Getting Around NYC

You may want to explore NYC on foot. Manhattan, in spite of its size, is very walkable. You can also use a variety of public transportation options and taxi or car services. More information is here.