You can access all information and forms related to classes at the convention from this page.

Taking Classes

This year, the ticketing process has undergone a revolution. We will be offering online ticketing that will take place in advance of convention. Here's everything you need to know to take classes at Convention 2018.

My Classes

As part of the new online advance ticketing system, you will get a personalized class schedule. Here's where you'll request your desired classes and see your class assignments.

Teaching Classes

For those interested in teaching at the convention, this page contains the teaching registration forms and teaching tips to help your teaching go smoothly and happily for all.

Class Schedules and Previews

Here you'll find class schedules: previews of what's available as people send in their teaching forms, and preliminary and final class schedules once the schedules are set. You'll use these schedules as reference when you request the classes that you want to take via a web page.

Suggest A Class

Do you have an idea for a class you’d like someone to teach? Wondering what you might teach? Make your suggestions here and see what others have requested.

Remote Classes

Even if they can't attend the convention, OrigamiUSA members can participate in selected convention classes via remote classes. You can attend selected classes via the internet, with the ability to ask questions of the instructor and interact with the other class attendees.

Ticketing FAQ

Answers to your most-asked questions about the brand-new online advance ticketing process for convention classes.

On-Site Ticketing

If you registered late or on-site and/or want to make changes to your schedule, here's how that process will work.

Priority Ticketing

Starting this year, priority ticketing for teachers and volunteers has been merged with the online ticketing process.