Starting from Jamaica at either the LIRR station or the Air Train stop on the E train at Sutphin Boulevard, take either the Q30 or Q31 bus (from Sutphin Boulevard and Archer Avenue) directly to St. John's along Utopia Parkway.

The Q30 runs roughly every 5–8 minutes on weekdays and 15–30 minutes on weekends. The Q31 (which has a more restricted schedule on weekends—from 8 or 9 am to 7 pm) runs roughly every 10–20 minutes on weekdays and 20–30 minutes on weekends. The trip from Sutphin Boulevard/Archer Avenue to the school takes, on average, 20 minutes.

The locations of the bus stops at St. John’s are shown on this map. If you prefer not to walk from the bus stop to your campus destination, check the golf cart map to see which bus stop is closest to a golf cart stop.

The bus schedules are here: