Convention 2023
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Monday, June 26, 2023, 2:00 pm – 3:45 pm EDT
Lower Level, Madison Square
Valentina Minayeva
Emma Lewin Opitz
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Valentina Minayeva's untitled model is a kusudama like you've probably never folded before! This 120 unit masterpiece blends traditional icosahedral properties of 5s and 3s with modern and elegant spiral connections. The final model is edgy and elegant and definitely not a variation on the same old kusudama you already have at home.

In this complex class we will be folding a sample of units required to complete the entire model independently.
You will be successful if you understand basic kusudama icosahedral models and how the units come together. The individual units are at a high intermediate level. We will need to be able to fold efficiently in order to complete enough units before the end of the session.

The photos in the class description are from Valentina Minayeva.

  • This design will be taught from diagrams.
  • This will likely take longer than the completed class time to complete.
  • This uses non-square paper: 1x3 rectangle
  • Please pre-crease a tessellation grid: No
  • This is a modular/composite requiring 16 sheets.
  • Students should have a clear understanding of how to assemble a standard 30 unit kusudama. While this is not a standard 30 unit model, and there is an added unique connection between units, some of the same principles apply and will increase our ability to complete as much of it as possible.

For the total model:
- Sixty 1x3 rectangle in one color/pattern duo paper
- Sixty 1x3 rectangles in another color/pattern duo paper

For what we will complete in class:
- A minimum of six 1x3 rectangles (i.e.: 5cm x 15cm) in one color/pattern duo paper
- A minimum of ten 1x3 rectangles (i.e.: 5cm x 15xm) in a second color/pattern duo paper

Please make sure your paper is pre-cut!
Duo paper highly recommended. Solid or patterned paper and designs are up to you!

If you would like to have some paperclips on you to help with stability please do so, there will also be glue sticks if you'd prefer.