Class Creator(s) Teacher(s) Published in
Dodecahedron (Easy Module) Silvana Betti Mamino Faye Goldman

Modular Origami - Tung Ken Lam pg. 80
CDO site

6-Pointed Rhombus Star Carmen Sprung Char Morrow

I believe this is published on Carmen Sprung's website, but I don't have the details yet.

Amazon Butterfly Robert J. Lang Robert Lang
Angelfish John Montroll Donna Walcavage

J. Montroll, Animal Origami for the Enthusiast
J. Montroll, Origami Sea Creatures
Nick Robinson, Origami Fish and Other Sea Creatures

Animated elephants and baboons Joel Stern Joel Stern

Animated Origami Faces:

Azteca Miyuki Kawamura Miyuki Kawamura

Origami Tanteidan Convention book Vol.27

Bascetta Star Paolo Bascetta Guru Seenivasan

Birds at Play Flapping Bird by Sam Randlett, Pecking Crow by Makoto Yamaguchi MaeDean Erb

Both models published in “A Handbook of Origami”.

Box with Handle Philip Shen Arlene Gorchov

Papiroflexia Selecta (Spanish) page 94
By Vincente Palacios
Isbn: 84-7210-998-4
Also published in English as
Origami from around the World

Brontosaurus (Pureland) Marc Kirschenbaum Marc Kirschenbaum

Prehistoric Origami

Burr Jeannine Mosely Jeannine Mosely
Car Frank Ling Frank Ling
Checkered Trominos Sy Chen Sy Chen

British Origami Society 2023 Model Collection Spring Ebook

Chef rat david tomas illescas David Illescas
Chimpanzee & Trees John Montroll Daxin Zhu

African Animals in Origami: Second Revised Edition (Animal Origami Series), John Montroll (2013)

Circle Braid Miyuki Kawamura Miyuki Kawamura

2023 origami collection

Color Alternating Octagon Nobuko Okabe Nobuko Okabe
Cup Modular Snake Traditional Kathy Stevick

Published in Twist Rose by Emiko Suzuki

CYOA Tessellation Design Madonna Yoder
Dancing Ribbons Madonna Yoder Madonna Yoder

Advent of Tessellations 2022, Day 10, Gathering Folds

Designing Corrugations Santrupthy Das
Dollar Cat Kara Fedrigon Kara Fedrigon
Electric Guitar Marc Kirschenbaum Marc Kirschenbaum

Origami Fun and Games:

Elegant Cardinal Roman Diaz Talo Kawasaki

I'm not sure if this was published in a book. I learned it from, as a video, from Leyla Torres's site.

Elephant Taro Yaguchi Jeff Raab


Emperor Penguin Reza Nagree Reza Nagree
Five Intersecting Tetrahedra Tom Hull Philip Jones


Flapping Dragon Takuji Sugimura Cindy Renteria

Living Origami Takuji Sugimura

Flex-a-cube Philip Noble Kathleen Sheridan
Flipp-Flopp (a.k.a. surprise) Heinz Strobl Martin Quinn

The diagrams appear in the British Origami Societies Convention book from the Liverpool Convention in September 2008 - Page 46.

Flower Box ("B" version) Tomoko Fuse Deb Pun

Amazing Origami Boxes by Tomoko Fuse. Publisher: Dover Publications (April 18, 2018). ISBN-13: 978-0486822464.

Flower- Inside 0ut Iwamoto variation of Mitani Takaya Iwamoto
Flowers with a Twist Jason Schneider Jason Schneider

Flying Dinosaurs Paul Frasco Paul Frasco

Flying Dinosaurs Paper Airplane Kit

Folding in Design Education Paul Jackson
Fossil Marc Kirschenbaum Marc Kirschenbaum

Prehistoric Origami:

Four Gables Box Michael Naughton Michael Naughton

Not published yet, but diagrams will be provided

Foxy Fox John Szinger John Szinger

Origami Animal Sculptures

Fujimoto Star Spring Shuzo Fujimoto Omer Shalev

Published initially as a crease pattern.

Fun folding for Memory Benefit Sylvia Cerel-Suhl
Furoshiki Workshop Belle Fernandez
Fuse Box Top Variations Tomoko Fuse Patricia Grodner
Fuse Boxes and Dividers Tomoko Fuse Patricia Grodner
Futurica Ekaterina Lukasheva Mary Jane Kettler
George Rhoads Classic Elephant George Rhoads Richard Lescroart

The Best of Origami by Samuel L. Randlett page 134

Giant Panda by Taiko Niwa Ms. Taiko Niwa Andrew Hans

NOA 433

Grim Reaper Marc Kirschenbaum Marc Kirschenbaum

Spooky Origami:

Halloween Spider John Szinger John Szinger


Hana (Flower) Keiji Kitamura Ayumi Hayatsu

NOA Magazine

Hang Glider Akira Yoshizawa Stephen Buck

Published in BOS Magazine No. 100, p 48.

Hexagonal Box David Shall Jean Baden-Gillette

Not sure if it is published.

Hexahedron Module 2 Bob Miller Robert Miller

Not published

Hybrid Square Twists Lecture Madonna Yoder
Jawesome Shark Robert J Lang / Talo Kawasaki Talo Kawasaki

The Complete Book of Origami by Robert J Lang for the shark body.

Kendo Master Miri Golan Miri Golan
Knotty Blossom Sunil Dhavalikar Charu Dhavalikar
Koi Marc Kirschenbaum Marc Kirschenbaum

Origami by the Sea:

Leaf-tailed Gecko Matt LaBoone Matthew LaBoone

This model was in Boice Wong's OBB Comp 2022, and diagrams are available from his shop in the 2022 collection. (

Liang Zhu- Two Butterflies Akira Yoshizawa, Lucca Badino Lucca Badino

Akira Yoshizawa, Japan's Greatest Origami Master

Little Spider Jax Harari and Brandon Wong Jax Harari


Magic Rose Cube Valerie Vann Brian Kolins

LaFosse & Alexander - Geometric Origami Kit: The Art of Modular Paper Sculpture

Man-a-Ray Takuji Sugimura Cindy Renteria

Living Origami by Takuji Sugimura

Marquess of Gear Cube Miyuki Kawamura Miyuki Kawamura

BOS Convention 2018 Autumn, Korea Origami Convention 2019

Matryoshka-like flowers Iwamoto variation of Mitani Takaya Iwamoto
Milk carton Bodo Haag Bodo Haag

Mizuhiki - paper bending - I Traditional Brian Kolins
Mizuhiki - paper bending - II Traditional Brian Kolins
Mushrooms Janessa Munt & Yuki Martin Yuki Martin

Yuki's Mushroom is posted on Tuttle Publishing's YouTube channel:

Janessa's Mushroom is most likely never been published.

New Simple Models Paul Jackson Paul Jackson
Nymphaea Meenakshi Mukerji Meenakshi Mukerji

Not published anywhere as of now.

Orchid Flowers-Oblong & Flat Takaya Iwamoto Takaya Iwamoto
Origami and a Square Helen Rodney
Origami Angel Tadashi Mori Kika Salgo

Origami Basics Traditional Ruthanne Bessman

All diagrams of the traditional models taught in Origami Basics are on the OrigamiUSA website on the free diagrams page.

Origami Battlemage Boice Wong Boice Wong
Origami Crown Laura Kruskal Wendy Zeichner

Origami Digital Photography Susan Dugan
Origami Jewelry LaFosse, Alexander, Gray Jan Polish

LaFosse & Alexander - Geometric Origami Kit: The Art of Modular Paper Sculpture
LaFosse & Alexander - Origami Jewelry
Gray - Magic of Origami

Origami Junk Journals MaryAnn Scheblein-Dawson
Pawprint Coin Jon Tucker Jonathan Tucker

Penguin Family Ryan Dong Ryan Dong

The models is in my recent new book ONE SHEET TWO COLORS.

Petite Bouquet Miyuki Kawamura Char Morrow

I am working on getting this information.

Plum Blossom Meenakshi Mukerji Meenakshi Mukerji

Exquisite Modular Origami III, 2021
Page 34

Pocket heart Jannie van Schuylenburg and others Maria Velazquez

Pocket Heart by Michell Tait in Annual Collection 1995

Pop-Up Crane Card IIa Sy Chen Sy Chen

Origami Greetings, page 73, Sy Chen, 2023

Rabbit shaped money box Ayako Kawate Maria Velazquez

NOA #425

Rose Miyuki Kawamura Miyuki Kawamura

BOS Convention 2021 Spring, Tanteidan 24th convention

Sailboat Akira Yoshizawa Stephen Buck

Origami: Living Nature page 158. Book is in Japanese.

Sakura Evan Zodl Evan Zodl

OrigamiUSA Collection 2021

Seahorse Takuji Sugimura Cindy Renteria

Living Origami by Takuji Sugimura

Seaturtle Takuji Sugimura Cindy Renteria

Living Origami by Takuji Sugimura

Sheep Jake Schenthal Jake Schenthal
Snail Shiri Daniel Allison Wang
Snail on a Leaf Akira Yoshizawa Lucca Badino

Akira Yoshizawa, Japan's Greatest Origami Master

Snap Hexahedron Edwin Corrie Belle Fernandez

Classic Origami by Paul Jackson (page 53), 1990, ISBN 0-792-45346-8

Snowflake Star Bob Miller Robert Miller

Ornagami: An Origami Christmas at Your Fingertips
Gay Merril Gross (2005).

Sonobe Module Workshop Michael Naughton
Sorcerer Chris Conrad Chris Conrad
Star Ball Tomoko Fuse Philip Jones

Unit Origami by Tomoko Fuse page 100.

Star Container Jose Meeusen Arlene Gorchov

Origami Connected page 80
Isbn 9798356245671

Star Crown Jeannine Mosely Jeannine Mosely

Published in "The Paper" #136.

Starlight Janet Yelle Janet Yelle

It is in the OrigamiUSA video vault:

Storigami Judith Fryer
Swan Lake Card Sy Chen Sy Chen

Origami Greetings, page 60, Sy Chen, 2023

The Einstein Hat Sy Chen Sy Chen

The Einstein Turtle Sy Chen Sy Chen

Crease pattern -

Three Easy Animals Jeff Raab Jeff Raab


Tomoko Fuse "Jagged" Module Tomoko Fuse Michael Naughton

"Unit Origami Fantasy" (ISBN 978-4-8170-8158-2), pages 64 and 65

Too Big to Fail Jennifer Krueger
Toucan Ryan Dong Ryan Dong

The models is in my recent new book ONE SHEET TWO COLORS.

Tsuru (Cranes) with Colors Miyuki Kawamura and Akira Kakinuma Ayumi Hayatsu

"The Modular Crane" by Miyuki Kawamura: Geometric Origami by Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander (page 44)
"Crane Holding Five Pieces of Paper" by Akira Kakinuma: NOA Magazine #517 July 2019 (page 32)

Twist Box Yami Yamauchi and Clemente Guisto Belle Fernandez

I learned the model from Yami personally and never knew where it is published or if at all.
Clemente Guisto’s diagram is posted online (

Witch Marc Kirschenbaum Marc Kirschenbaum

Origami Dress Up:

Woven Sphere Christiane Bettens Christiane Bettens
Wyvern John Montroll Steven Rollin

John Montroll, Mythological Creatures & the Chinese Zodiac in Origami, pages 93-97.